In a Dressing Room

Dear Traveling Diary,

Who's idiotic idea was it to buy a thick diary like this and just toss it somewhere, hoping someone would continue to make it travel? It's stupid! Either way, I'm one of those stupid people, writing in this diary I found near a highway. 

Only two pages has been filled, this is the third. Well, I was driving towards the mall to meet my friends, but I had to stop short because my mom's tires fell flat. I got out of the car, and saw this. Luckily it wasn't wet. If it was, I wouldn't even look at the soggy mess. Well, whatever. I guess whoever reads this next isn't even going to know me, so my name is Gina, I'm 16 years old, and I'm writing this in a dressing room in Macys. 

I need to find the perfect dress. You see, Christmas is nearby, and at our high school, we have a Winter Ball, or a Winter Formal. Everyone must dress formally. It's means the WORLD to me. So far, I don't have a date unlike all my other friends. Just now I saw one of my best guy friend, Manny, in the mall, his arms wrapped another girl's waist. She must be so lucky. 

I tried on so many dresses with a few friends who recommended this and that. I give up. I don't have that... "Should wear a dress" body. I'm so thin, and my friends recommended a tighter dress that showed off my "curves". Tch, like I have them? It's so embarrassing, how I'm in high school and never been on a date. 

It's not the point though! I want to find a boyfriend, someone who is sweet, smart, a gentleman, but also has a perfect funny personality. 

"Gina, don't be so sad..." My friend Ashley puts a hand on my shoulder. "Hey..." she motioned the rest of my friends over. "Even if we can't find you a dress... We'll... We'll make you one." She grinned. 

When she said that, I almost burst into tears. I guess my friends are the only ones that cares. I knew I could count on them. I should get rid of this though... It is supposed to travel, just like how my heart will travel with my friends forever. Lucky person who finds this diary in these fake plant bushes in the mall.

The End

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