In the Light of Permanent SunriseMature

Jornim Iristuca glanced out the thick windows of the gray room. The dark, still ocean embodied the horizon to the west, making both sea and sky blend into a single shade of navy blue. To the north, straight in his view, the Fallen Star loomed in its majesty and brilliance, making everything remotely close to it a dim silhouette engulfed by a white, blinding sea of radiance. The Fallen Stars were as large as mountains, in the shape of wide crystals and casting incredible brightness across the black rock of the land. Its pale yellow light was nearly enough to blind Jor, which was really quite a feat. His eyes could gaze into the light of many other planets' suns unblinking; he had many times before. The Fallen Stars were beautiful, they were feats of nature, they were life. For Jor's kind, the Eyewoc, each day they were depended on to survive.

Waves of gray-pine green light flashed across Jor's golden-brown skin in the pattern of light passing through water, indicating his grogginess. The Eyewoc's skin lets off light in this way depending on their moods. Jornim had just woken up and, before getting ready for work, stood in the brilliant light of the Fallen Star and soaked in its rays. Breakfast. Sighing (through his skin), Jor went over to his closet and begun to get dressed for the day. It would be a long drive to the building where his lab was located.

The city of Litonu consisted of many a cluster of tall, thin skyscrapers interconnected by both numerous bridges as well as the air traffic of its half a million residents, which was really a lot considering the small amount of land Litonu took up. The residents of Litonu were the Eyewoc, a race of humanoids with no noses or mouths but very large eyes and skin the same color. The only sentient beings on the planet-moon of Optiphota, they had nearly every color of skin and eyes on the color spectrum, and they constantly absorb light to survive. A more peaceful race could not be found anywhere in the known universe; no Eyewoc ever thought a malicious thought or said a spiteful word. None had for over 130 Optiphotan years; the last had been mentally unstable and was exiled far away. His anger was a legend, whispered among adults in quiet infamy after the children were long asleep. The details of the outburst that actually led to this Eyewoc's exile are not spoken of at all. It is simply acknowledged among all on Optiphota that anger is a sickness and a plague, an insidious infection that does nothing but kill all involved with it.

"A pestilence," Jor thought to himself as he put on his white wordu fur suit. "Anger is a plague. There is nothing that should make me angry..."

If only brainwashing himself could work.

Jornim turned the key to his apartment door, locking it behind him as he left. After taking the elevator down to the tower's garage, level 563, Jor grabbed his airbike and wished the building employee good morning with his blinks and hand gestures in the usual Eyewoc form of communication. With a mouthless smile, the employee offered to fill up Jornim's airbike's tank with some PLV, processed liquid vivanium, the substance making up all of Optiphota's oceans. Once processed with certain ingredients added, it makes a very good energy source for air vehicles; however Jor hoped to develop a much more efficient form of energy soon. If his research even remotely had potential, Jor would find out that very day.

Taking the vehicle out on the long metal balcony, Jornim started his airbike up and flew off in the direction of his lab. Basking in the permanent morning light the Fallen Star created, Jor flew away from the bustle and traffic of the needle-like buildings of Litonu.

Never again would he see them all standing.

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The End

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