When the Altian king is assassinated, a new chapter in Altia ensues.

What does it mean to be king? John wondered. Not too long ago he had arrived in Altia, faced its dangers, discovered its mysteries, defeated a corrupted Traveler, helped defend the Palace from an army of evil cultists, and married a beautiful Altian woman. Now Jon sits on a throne, ruling a world which he knew almost nothing about. They expected him to maintain the peace and order of Altia. Easy for them to say, Jon thought. They weren't the one dealing with all the weight and pressure brought by ruling a continent as vast as Altia. But during his coronation, he had vowed to at least try, and so far he had done a decent job at it. The only doubt in his mind now, as it had been since the day he first set foot in Altia, was whether or not he should return home. Back to his world. No, he decided then and there, Altia was his home now, he realized, and he will do everything in his power to protect it.

He was about to stand when the throne room doors' opened and his most trusted adviser walked in. "My king," The man bowed. "Pardon my intrusion, but the queen has summoned you."


"The courtyard." The adviser said.

Jon nodded and stood, gladly welcoming the distraction from his contemplation. "Thank you, Cael. I will be right there shortly."

"My king," The adviser bowed once more and left.

Yes, Jon thought to himself, Altia is my home now. And my wife needs me. He made his way to the courtyard. "Naida," He called to her. "My love." But she was no where to be found. In fact, there was no one at the courtyard. Not even the gardener...Strange...Then he remembered; Naida had gone on an errand outside the Palace-

Before realizing the deception, Jon felt the coldness of a small blade sink deep into his back. He felt pain as it was then pulled out. "What is the meaning of this?" He turned to meet his assailant. "You!?" 

The adviser.

"Forgive my king," Cael said, raising the dagger for second stab. Jon quickly engulfed the courtyard with his Precursor Aura, but wasn't fast enough to prevent the second strike. He fought through the pain on his lower abdomen, where the dagger had penetrated skin, and grabbed the adviser by the throat, effortlessly lifting the helpless man off the ground and then launched him against the wall.

Jon ignored the blood oozing from his wounds and with anger fueling his every step, he approached the kneeling adviser. "What is the meaning of this, Cael? Tell me!"

"I-I pave the...way...for him..." Cael said, coughing blood with as he spoke. Jon seemed to have at least broken a bone or two.


"The Fire...King..."

"Arrrghh!" Jon lifted the man up by the throat once more and pinned him hard against the wall. "The Fire King is dead. I killed him. Now, I'm going to kill you, Cael. What? Did you think you could've kill me! A Traveler! Pitiful."


Jon felt his aura disperse and his strength diminish. "What?" He released Cael and took a few steps back, baffled. "What have you done to-?" His vision began to blur and he felt a cold sensation spread through his body. "What is this?!" 

Cael said nothing. The poor man was still trying to regain his breathing.

Jon's legs gave out and he fell on his knees, weaker and weaker. It was as if something was draining his energies. He couldn't call upon his Precursor Aura anymore. His powers seemed to have been stripped entirely.

"I bathed the dagger in poison." The adviser explained. "Made purely to kill a Traveler. It had taken some time, but it seems I have finally perfected it. What you are experiencing now are the effects of the first wound I gave you."


Cael continued,"The effects of my second strike however..."


"You have, my king." Cael said, bowing one last time before his ruler. "But it seems your time has passed. Pave way for him, my King. For the soon to be conqueror and ruler of Altia. The Fire King."

Jon felt darkness consume him. He looked up at the sky, regret filling his every thought. He had wanted to live. To be the greatest king Altia has ever known. But now... Now he had no choice but to go home. He accepted his death like the proud king he was. He just hoped that in his absence, Altia would be able to defend itself from whatever was coming.

The End

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