Travel Man

I have a 45 min bus ride every morning so i decided to write a character development about people i see on the bus, this is one of them. very rough

     he climbed up the bus steps with his 5 bags in hand, ranging from medium to large size. immediately the smell of black pepper, soap and old house filled the nostrils of the people sitting at the front. he arranged his many bags, the two largest taking up the two seats in front of where he sat. fiddling with the purse he had strapped over the shoulder of his tucked green printed t-shirt, he found his wallet and paid the 3.80 he was obligated for the bus. the brown leather studded belt used to hold up his khaki pants matched the sued boots which squeaked against the bus floor. as he sat he took a tissue from his right pocket and dabbed his tan, sun worn face whilst pushing his thick medium ash brown hair out of his face with his other hand. one could not help but wonder what was in those great bags and what was his purpose. the curiosity was only heightened when he pulled out a round object, the size of his palm, and studied it very closely, too close for anyone to make out what the object was. he had the raspy voice of a much older man though he looked in his late 40s. on his tan, hairy left hand you could find a simple gold ring indicating he was married. he brushed his hair in the most effeminate manner making his medium size, manly body seem much smaller and, even, more graceful. he had never been seen riding the bus before by this narrator and his journey was highly questionable. he most certainly wore eyeliner. when the bus stopped at the santarem hospital he collected his things and exited the bus. turns out, he sell sreally good cakes.

The End

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