Travel fastMature

Feel the breeze upon your face as you roll down your window, going 95 in a 55. Jamming to Habits by Tove Lo. You sing along as she says it all perfectly. You feel the energy, the movement of it all. How everything at that moment is just so right, so perfect. Nothing could break you of this moment, you never want to leave it.

                                           2 weeks earlier

"Hey Garvey. What're you doing here? I thought that you'd be long gone by now."

"Pack your bags. It's all over, we are free. We can finally travel the world together like we've been planning since we were eleven years old."

"Garvey, what are you talking about? Think about what you're saying. You should be half way to Iraq by now."

"No, It's all over , I told you that. Liv, we can finally do what we have planned for. Nothing is holding us back."

"Garvey, just wait a minute. This is all so sudden. When? How?"

"As we were loading up we got a call to stay down. They made a treaty, they didn't want  war. They said it would be too harsh on the economy right now, that they wanted compromise. "

"Wait, are you being serious? Well we have to plan, we have to pack. What about the store, I can't just leave the store unattended."

"Look, don't worry about that. Stacy has the store situation all worked out. We can leave tonight. We've been planning this for a long time. 8 years to be exact and I don't want to waste another minute on worrying about other people. It's time to start thinking about us and our future, for a change. I remember the day we decided on traveling, on experiencing life. Even if we were just young kids it doesn't matter. I told you I loved you then and dammit Olivia I still do."

"This is just a lot to get used to. I love you too and I've never stopped loving you. I want to get away as much as you do. I'll have my bags packed, and we''ll meet at 7:30."

                                                                    Later that night

"Stacy, are you sure about all of this? I know it's a lot to just throw off on you right now but I think that after everything we've been through, getting away for a few months is just what we need."

"Olivia, go and have a good time. I can handle the store. You've got yourself a good man, don't let him get away. Call me in a few days and let me know how you're doing. I love you."

"Thanks, you're the best. I love you too!"

"Okay, I have outfits, makeup, phone and charger. Looks like I'm all set. I can't believe this is actually happening."

"Well, believe it. You deserve this and so much more. I can't wait to begin our new life together."

"I can't either, Gar. This is amazing."
                                                             Getting on the plane

"Okay everyone please fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride. We will land in 5 hours.

"Wow, look at ho beautiful that is."

"Yes, it is very unique. I've never seen anything quite like it before, and those people look so small compared to their actual size!"

                                  "Come here." (kissing)

"Attention all passengers. We are now landing so please gather your belongings. Thank you and  have a nice day."

"Wake up Liv, we are here."

                                                        The Hotel

"Here, put your bags on here and I'll take it to our room while you check in."

"Sounds good."

Uh Yes, Davidson that is. We have the sweet, yes that's correct thanks you.

"This room is amazing Gar. Look at how big our bed is, and wow look at the view. Everything is so perfect. Even the the bed is perfectly made."

(kissing for a rather long time)

"Ugh! Oh, Garvey. "(Kissing)

"Olivia, are you ready for this?"

"I've been ready."

(Olivia is thrown on the bed and they are going crazy at each other)

"Keep going, oh slide your hand up my thigh. Oh My gosh."

(grunting and other questionable things carry on)

"I Love you. I love you. I love you."

"I Love you too.







The End

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