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Despite wrecking my left knee and pulling half the muscles in my body, today had been the best day of my life. It was 11pm, and everyone was filled with the post-gig euphoria in conjunction with a fuzzy head from moshing too much. My head was pounding and the world seemed to be spinning, but that was okay. Tommy was moaning about something, but I was too much in my own world to comprehend what he was saying, and I didn't really care. I knew tomorrow I would be depressed because the thing I'd been looking forward to for months was over, but right now I didn't care. Sum 41 had put on a hell of a show. No gig would ever compare to it.

"Danny do you know where we're going?" asked Finn, his voice slurred. He was pissed as a fart, because it turned out Matty could get served.

Danny nodded, still seeming totally with it like he'd just come out of a lecture rather than a rock concert, "I think so."

Finn leaned on my shoulder, holding his stomach.

"You know what? I feel like shit, but that doesn't make today any less awesome," he said, retching. If he threw up on me I was going to kill him tomorrow.

Fortunately the tube was a lot quieter at this time, so getting to Euston wasn't that difficult. The whole tube system kind of made sense when there weren't thousands of people in the way. But at the same time, when there were less people, there was nothing to hide the smell of piss that filled most of the stations. The trains also made a disturbing clatter which conjured up images of the manufacturers throwing the carriages together with scrap metal and spare parts. We sat on the cheap white chairs that lined the carriages of the tube, staring out the windows at the non-descript blackness of the tunnel walls.

"Wow this stinks," said Tommy loudly, getting glared at by some of the staff. He seemed to forget common courtesy / manners and proceeded to start scratching his crotch vigorously.

We got through the tube system all right, and got to Euston station just in time to catch the last train to Birmingham, where Danny's parents were meeting us to take us back to his. We were going to crash there for the night. Finn had been planning an all nighter for after the concert, but in his current state I didn't think he would be in the mood for anything more than sleep.

I didn't realise when getting on the train that it would be the last journey I would ever make.

The End

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