More LuckMature

With luck still on our side, we managed to find our way to the gig. We didn't even need Danny's phone, we just followed the swarms of people that were obviously also going to the concert. The pre-gig excitement was at an all time high. Everyone was buzzing with energy, chatting ceaselessly about the gig. We got the standard general harassment of people trying to buy our tickets, but soon enough we saw the concert hall in sight.

Finn started playing music on his phone, which was pissing off everyone in the street, and kind of ruining the atmosphere slightly. It might have been all right if it wasn't shit music  played through crap speakers that  made it sound like irritating noise. He seemed to be be enjoying it, and I was in too much of a good mood to tell him to turn it off. The buildings of London towered around us, blocking out the sun in places they were so tall. Every street seemed to be bursting at the seams with people rushing to get to wherever they needed to go. London wasn't a slow city. Everything happened at 100mph, whether you were rushing to catch a train or just driving home from work, no one stopped to have a casual chat.

"Do you think there'll be a pit?" asked Tommy as we saw the concert building appear in front of us.

I shrugged, "Probably."

"My mate said they got a pit going at a Kings Of Leon concert," said Matty, "So there will be one here, I guarantee you."

"Yeah well you guys better not be pussies and stand at the back like retards," muttered Finn, "I remember that gig in November. That was a waste of money."

"I wasn't gonnna mosh to a shit band," said Danny.

"No, you just didn't want to get your earring ripped out," Finn answered, "You know you got the gay ear pierced?"

"There's no such thing as the gay ear!" Danny hit Finn in the stomach. Finn pretended it didn't hurt, but we all knew it did. Danny may be a bit feminine, but he had a hell of a punching arm. And it seemed to do its job, Finn stopped the screeching sound coming from his phone that was supposedly music, and decided to shut up for a bit.

We weren't one of the first to arrive, but due to Matty's violent nature we managed to shove our way to near the front. I was pretty tall, so I had a great view of the stage. But I figured it wasn't really the view you went to a concert for anyway - it was the atmosphere. And that was most definitely amazing. Some stupid kids at the back had tried to start a mosh pit before anyone had started playing, but there were always some total idiots at a gig. You just had to make a mental note to nail them in the proper mosh pits later on.

There was a steady murmur of anticipation echoing around the crowd around us as people swapped rumours about what they'd heard was going to happen. People pushed forwards, jumping up from the thick of the audience trying to get a glimpse of the stage, even though nothing was happening yet.

"Taking their time," moaned Tommy, tapping his teeth again and checking the time on his phone, "The first band were meant to be on by now."

"Dude it's a concert. They always make you wait fucking ages," said Danny.

"Yeah well I'm gonna go see if I can get served. Save my place,"

"Tommy you can't save places at a concert?" I said, but Tommy had already disappeared into the crowd. There was no way Tommy was going to get served. Puberty hadn't done much for him - he still looked about 12.

We didn't wait to find out whether he managed to get served or not, because the first band came on and people surged forwards, crushing everyone on the front few rows. That's what gigs were about - getting your ears blasted, your skeleton crushed and your face punched in. This was going to be epic.

The End

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