Occasionally the smallest action triggers something massive - or so it would seem. But as events begin to get ever more unlikely, Jacob can't help wondering whether everything really is just coincidence, or something a lot more sinister.


This could possibly be the best day of my life. I could feel a buzz air as we caught the train down to London, my friends chattering perpetually as we journeyed. Seven of my favourite bands were playing all day and well into the night. I'd been looking forward to this gig for months, counting down on my calendar, checking off the days with mounting impatience. It took a hell of a long time to come around, but finally we were here. The £50 ticket and even more expensive train ticket finally felt like it was going to pay off. I watched the trees blur past as we sped to London, letting out a large yawn. It was stupidly early in the morning. The sky still had a reddish glow as the Sun broke free of the horizon, warming the autumn morning air.

"Jake?" someone thumped me. I was spacing out again. This had been happening a lot recently. I don't know if it was the weed or whether it was just me going a bit crazy.

"Yeah I'm here," I said quickly, refocusing my eyes on my surroundings and pulling my face away from the cheap plastic that lined the train carriage. I hadn't missed much. Tommy and Finn had decided to draw on each other's faces, and Matty was being his usual anti-social self, listening to his iPod, his hair spilled over his face.

Danny was the one that hit me. He was my best mate, for as long as I can remember. We were the kind of best mates that used to have baths together when we were in pre-school. Shit. That sounds dodgy. But you know what I mean, right? Danny and I weren't gay together, although sometimes he acted that way. To be honest, we've all been suspicious of Danny's sexuality. But whatever, it's not like it matters. He was one of those guys with a hairstyle, that wore skinny jeans so tight you could see way too much detail of things you didn't want to see.

"Oh crap... Where's my phone?" said Tommy suddenly, jumping out of his seat and crawling across the floor. No one bothered to help him look. We were all tired of Tommy losing his stuff all the time. He was the most forgetful, clumsy person you will ever meet.

I checked my jeans pockets and pulled out my ticket. My favourite band were headlining - Sum 41. I'd waited so long for them to do a UK gig. Fortunately I had someone to go with - my mates generally have the same music taste as me, which isn't really a coincidence. That's how people appear to stick together nowadays. It seems with a certain music taste you get the same personalities, dress sense and interests. I don't know if that's people trying to be something their not or just how things are. I didn't think I was being fake, but then, my head was pretty fucked up and confused, so who was I to know?

I pulled out my iPod. I was going to take a leaf out of Matty's book and be anti-social for a while. This was going to be a long journey, and Finn was starting to piss me off. There were only so many times you could laugh at someone graffiting penises onto public property.


The End

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