Ch. 2. ShoppingMature

My eyes flicked open as the alarm on my bedside table carried on it's bleeping. I lay still for a couple of minutes before reaching over to turn it off. I sighed, realising it was Saturday, then groaned as the memories of last night came back. A flicker of ager shot through me and I felt the sudden urge to hit something. I gave another sigh, this one ragged and restrained and closed my eyes. My clenched hands uncurled and I swung my legs out of bed. I walked to my full length mirror and stared at myself.

I almost laughed. Dark circles under my eyes, naturally pale skin and still wearing the top from yesterday, but with short shorts on. Feeling properly happy for the first time that day, I chuckled to myself as I searched through my drawers. The chuckle turned into a laugh as I realised that Mum had only gotten rid of some of my clothes. My drawers were almost the same, apart from the odd shirt here and there.

I pulled out a baggy, low-cut vest top and my Union Jack leggings and got changed. I brushed my ringlets and was about to pull it into a ponytail, but decided to leave it loose. Washing my face, I realised that I hadn't been that happy in a while. Of course, this made me smile and open my eyes. Not a good idea. The soap stung like hell and tasted like it too. I cursed and rinsed my mouth out, before trying to get the soap out of my eyes. Again, not a good idea. Godammit! I really am blonde underneath! I thought. My eyes red and sore, I dried my face and brushed my teeth.

I went back into my room and pulled out the small cream box for under my bed. I hesitated before opening it. No, today is my day. I may as well put my whole heart into it. I decided, and unlatched it. Inside were things I kept even more of a secret than my gender - makeup. 



The End

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