Trapped Within YouMature

Hayden Montgomery had always been home-schooled, and for good reason. But what will happen when he gets sent to a public school? Will he have to tell the embarrassing truth?

My mobile rang it's cheesy ringtone as I wandered around the estate. I glanced at the caller ID but simply turned the phone off and gave an annoyed sigh.


Why can't she just leave me alone? I'm almost 17; I know who I'm meant to be, and who I am. Why can't my own mother accept that? She doesn't even know it all. I'm Hayden Montgomery, 17 in two months. I can usually pass as gay, but some people can guess who - what - I really am. I'm... I beleive I'm a girl... Trapped inside a boys body. I have proof: I like to wear girls makeup; I dye my hair; I'm into all the bands and films girls are into. But the biggest proof to me is simple: I feel uncomfortable in the body I'm in.

By that time I was almost at my house, but I couldn't bear to face my mum. I walked round the back and took my bag off my shoulder, then threw it up towards my bedroom window. I took a run up and jumped on to the extension roof, hauling my legs up so I was sat upon it. I stayed there for a moment, admiring the sunset. It was bright pink, with dashes of yellow, blue and violet. That's what I love about the sky: it can do and look like anything it wants and, most of the time, everyone likes it, or at least accepts it.

I got up and clambered through my open window with my bag, then chucked it on the floor, before plugging my iPod in pressing play. With "Blink 182" blearing out of the speakers, I collasped on the bed. I closed my eyes for a couple of minutes, daydreaming, when a pounding on the door made me jump.

"Hayden! Hayden?! I heard you come in, so don't just ignore me." My darling Mother shouted through the wood. I grudgingly went to open the door when I noticed something. It was small but you never knew what Mum had been up to; my wardrobe door was slightly open. I opened the other door and almost fainted.

All my favourite clothes were gone... The only ones left were some clothes I got recently and some other tops that were horrid. But I had some new additions: all light colours, checks, stripes, even a fucking pink polo shirt! I felt my face growing hotter as I yanked the door open. "You fucking bitch." I said quietly, but with all the hate in the world going into my words. Mum came in and started pacing the room before sitting on my bed. "Why? Why Mum, fucking why?! You know how I dress, you know I hate normal clothes! You can't even fucking accept the way I dress, never mind who I actually am! I fucking hate you!" My voice had risen to a shout, so I took it back down to an angry whisper. "I never want to see you again in my life." I pointed to the door, not even caring that she was crying.

I knew I'd probably see her in the morning, but I'd have calmed down by then. Planning the day of shopping ahead of me, I lay down on my bed, fully clothed, and fell asleep.

The End

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