Trapped Power

Lauren and Travis arenormal teenagers... except they have powers. Magic, invisibility, elemental control, and more all exist in this world.
The two are in an orphanage, happily training and taking care of the others. Then, it all disappears as the government takes them in a giant sweep of all the children with powers like their's. They are sent to a secret facility where they meet others in their same situation. Why are they there? What will happen to them?


Lauren had just lost control... again. She messed up so many times, attempting to use her magic, or control an element, or read a single mind. It didn't come to her easily, like it did Travis. He could already control all of his powers, turning both of them completely invisible, even without touching her, and using his less powerful magic. He was amazingly smart, which they both figured was part of his powers. She huffed as the thoughts snapped back to a faint buzz in the background again. Her green eyes flashed with irritation.


“It is ok, Lauren. Just try reading her thoughts again. You have forever to master your powers.” Travis said. His own chocolate brown eyes had a look of deep concentration in them that was directed at her.


“I want to control them, though! If I can't, I'll keep causing destruction!” She said, whining. Both winced, thinking about the last time she'd lost control. There had been a small earthquake as a result of it, and the manager had freaked on them, afterwards being taken to an insane asylum when she'd accused Lauren of causing it. She still felt guilty for that. The new manager had already become suspicious, and it had only been about a month.


“I know, that is why you are learning how to use them!” Travis sighed, running his hand through his hair. He pointed behind him, to the manager. “Just read her thoughts.”


“I'll try.” Lauren shut her eyes, concentrating on widening her hearing. A hundred thoughts popped into her head at once, making her wince, but then she centered it down. A few voices, that were turned up to shouts, were left. One was the manager, and the others a few of the other children. Lauren attempted to center it more, but a sharp pain entered her head, worsening the headache. She immediately pulled back, opening her eyes. “I can't do it. Whenever I try to focus on one mind, my headache gets so much worse!”


“Okay, it is fine. Do not try again today.” Travis said, picking up the book he'd been pretending to read and standing. Lauren followed suit. They walked to the wall, looking for where they'd picked the books up. When both were put back, the two teens walked out of the small library and into the main room, where most of the children were scattered around. Some sat on beanbag chairs in the play corner, and others mingled around, talking or cleaning. A small girl, about 8, with long brown hair and brown eyes sparkling with tears ran up to the two teens, who were obviously the oldest ones there.

The End

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