Haha He So Cool..Mature

The assistants couldn’t believe what they had heard. The boy had actually been considering how to kill his assailants? And how did he know about the Headman doing observations, and that they were of him? This boy was clearly a very different kind of teen then they usually dealt with. They could only hope that they could control him enough that no one died by his hands.

“May I go now? I am done eating and have nothing to incite punishment, unless self defense is worthy of punishment?”
“No, self defense does not require a punishment. Take him to his room please.”
The guards escort the boy away as the Headman walks into the room.
“An interesting child. Very interesting. We shall have to be very careful about how we act around him, I think. He could cause problems.”
“Headman! We didn’t hear you come in.”
“I know. I wouldn’t expect you to, not with that boy there around.”
“Did you hear him? He knew you were directing observations of him!”
“Yes, I heard. I can’t say I’m surprised though. He is a very clever and observant child, and I actually expected that he would know.”
“What do you mean? Why did you expect him to know?”
“Well you see, during our interview I noticed that he had the look of someone who is used to watching others and not being seen, and I was sure that he noticed that I was interested in him. And then it was just a matter of what he knew about how we worked to figure out that I would want to observe him myself.”
“Well… I suppose that makes sense. But what are we going to do about him? He could have really hurt those boys before he was stopped. I think we should set a detail of four guards to be around him at all times, far enough to give him space but close enough that they can reach him before he can hurt anyone else.”
“Hmm… Yes. Yes, do that.”

The End

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