Still watching the boy, the two new assistants watched as he finished his food and proceeded to throw away his wrappers and milk carton. The assistants signed to the guards to bring the boy to them as he walked away, and the guards encircled about him and guided him to the stairs leading to the observation landing. As the boy noticed where he was being led, a smile played on his lips. The lunch room was silent as all of the boys stared after him, waiting to see what would happen. The boy stopped in front of the assistants, and the guards set themselves around him in such a way that he couldn’t do anything without them stopping him.

“What’s your name, boy?”
“You don’t need my name.”
“But don’t you want to be called by your name, instead of being called ‘boy’?”
“I don’t care.”
“You don’t care, huh? Well then. Why don’t you explain to us what happened down there then, boy?”
“Well were you not supposed to be watching? Why do you need me to explain what you saw? There is nothing very complicated, at least not to me. But I suppose you can be forgiven for your abilities being… less, than mine. It’s not like it’s your fault after all.”

“Oh, well aren’t you a clever one? Yes, of course we were watching. But if your ‘abilities’ are so much better than mine, are you saying that you wouldn’t want to know what was going through the mind of the person who was attacked and defended themselves?”

“What’s there to tell? He was bothering me while I was trying to eat my lunch. I became irritated and removed the irritation. Not that hard to figure out, is it?”
“But surely that isn’t the only thing that went through your mind.”
“You’re right. It’s not. I was considering how I could kill him and his friends. Lucky for them I don’t feel very cold today. I considered breaking his leg, but there wasn’t a chair in reach, and I thought about paralyzing him, but that would have been unfair. And we wouldn’t want the Headman to have to miss observing me because I was in solitary, now would we?”

The End

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