Haha He Got Hurt..Mature

“What happened then? The boys that fetched us made it sound as though we were needed immediately, and that the guards couldn’t do anything, but it seems as though things are under control.”
“Well we just got the guards in place before you arrived. Things were rather hectic before, and we are lucky if there aren’t any broken bones.”
“Broken bones? The guards are here to keep the boys from hurting each other! Again, what happened?”
“Well ,once the boys started to drag him backwards things kinda… Exploded. He went berserk, and knocked out the two of them with one punch each, pummeled each of them, and then he tried to go back to his food. But of course Garn didn’t like that. He kicked our boy there in the ribs, but then the boy caught his foot and twisted him. When the boy got up, he flipped Garn and returned to his food. But as soon as Garn recovered he ran up and drilled the boy in the side of his head.”
“And that’s about the time I looked back, having gotten the attention of the guards. I saw the two boys on the ground, and that Garn had just hit our new guy. And of course the other boys instantly surrounded them, expecting a fight. I signaled the guards to late though, and the boys had already massed around Garn and his guys and the new boy. What is his name, anyway?”
“We still don’t know, he won’t tell us.”
“Shame. Anyways, once Garn landed his punch, the boy seemed to fall into the counter. Garn advanced on him smiling, but as he raised his arm the boy must have said something, because Garn froze, and the boy turned to face him. He was smiling, as if at a joke. He grabbed Garn’s hand as it flew towards him, and twisted it behind his back.”

“By this time the boys had become a solid mass, and the guards had to force their way through. We didn’t know what to do, but these two boys ran up to us and said that they would go get help and sprinted away before we could say anything. As we watched them go through the doors we turned back in time to see Garn be thrown into his group. They all landed on the floor, and as they tried to get up the boy approached them and started to laugh. You could see the fire in his eyes, and his laugh was light, as though at little children who had done something amusing. Very strange, I thought, that he would have fiery eyes but laugh like that. As the boys scrambled to get up and away from him, they found their way blocked by the crowd, and no one was moving except the guards and those they displaced.”

“I would have been scared witless, if I were those kids. The boy grabbed Garn by the front of his shirt and started to pick him up, and he looked ready to throw him. But the odd thing is that he didn’t. He stopped, and the fire died in his eyes and he lowered him back down. The guards were almost to them when the other boys made it to their feet, and once they broke into the circle they started to push back the crowd, telling them to get back to their food. The boy turned and walked back to his food, but as he turned his back Garn tried to attack him again, but the guards stopped him, and pushed him back away from the boy. That’s about when you two came in, right after they made their own circle to keep them separated.”

The End

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