Lunch RoomMature

“I know I shouldn’t be in here but we need someone right now! There’s a problem in the lunch room and the guards can’t do anything!”
“What? What kind of problem?”
“The new guy! He went crazy, and he, he… Just come on we havta hurry!”
The assistant placed the mug on the counter and once the boy saw that he was going to follow he bolted out the door toward the cafeteria. As he hurried down the hall following the boy, he saw another boy leading another assistant in the same direction.
“Did he explain anything to you?”

“No, he just said I had to hurry, and that the new guy went crazy.”

“Same here.”

With the end of their little exchange the two men found themselves at the door of the cafeteria, and pushed through the doors into the room beyond.
The new boy was standing in a corner, watching the other boys. There were two other assistants, probably the ones overseeing lunch, and they were standing right beside the doors that the other assistants had entered through. When they saw that there were two more of them, they relaxed visibly and started to explain what had happened.

“The boy was getting his lunch, and as he went to stand at the wall counter he was confronted by Garn and his friends. We waited to see what would happen before ordering the guards to interfere, and as we watched… Well, I’m not exactly sure what happened. I admit I looked away, locating the guards and making sure they were close enough to break it up if things got out of hand.”
“But I watched the encounter, trusting that he would check the guards. Garn started to talk to him, and seemed to be trying to make him move so that Garn and his guys could use the counter. He ignored them, and Garn had two of his buddies try to drag the boy from the counter.”

Looking to where the boy was standing, they could see that the guards were standing around him, alternately facing him and the crowd of boys.

The End

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