Cookies are YummyMature

“How did those observations go?”
“They went about the same as they usually do. Although the last one was rather interesting. He interviewed the new boy, the one that came in last week. I don’t know why it took so long for him to get to him, but I say it’s about time.”
“Ya no kidding. He is quite the kid isn’t he?”
“So what’s with that text you sent? The Headman is leading activities observations?”
“Ya, he’s intrigued by the new boy. He wants to see for himself what he is like.”
“Oh nice. Well that will be interesting to say the least! How long has it been since he led one outside of the individual rooms?”
“I think the last time was… the apples incident.”
“Oh ya! Haha that was something else, huh?”
“For sure. Can I have one of those cookies? Thanks. So anyways, do you happen to have noticed anything… strange, about the boy?
“The new one? No, not really. Although I guess that depends on what you define as strange, now doesn’t it? Anything in particular you thinkin?”
“Not really. I just really want to solve this kid I guess.”
“Well give it some time, it’s not like we have a time limit, right? He’s here as long as we hold him, and he doesn’t have any family or a sponsor to take him out of here.”
“True, but all the same. I feel like there is something off about him, like he isn’t who he appears to be, you know?”
“You know what, I do know whatcha mean. Like, we can see him but that’s not really him.”
“Yeah, it’s strange. But I’v gota take this call, I’ll talk with ya later. Thanks for the cookie.”
“No prob.”

The assistant watched as the man left the lounge, answering his phone. He was a strange man, but he had been here for a long time, and who wouldn’t seem strange after being here for years? Looking down to the plate that had held his cookies, he saw that they had eaten the rest. Getting up, he went to the cupboard and grabbed a glass for milk, but before he could set the cup down and get the milk a boy ran into the lounge, a frantic look on his face. Startled by the intrusion, the assistant dropped the mug, and it bounced off the counter and landed by his foot. As he retrieved it, the boy started to speak.

The End

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