What Did We Learn?Mature

The door slams shut behind the young man as he is escorted back to his room by three guards. Standing and walking to the large mirror on the side wall, the man knocks on it and asks for the man behind the glass to come into the room. Going back to his seat, the man waits for the other observer to enter the room.  

“I should have read his reactions sooner.”

“I think you did fine, sir. I had trouble myself, to be honest. He truly does have mastery over himself. Did you see how even when he started to yell, his face was calm? What would you rate his mental maturity?”
“Hmm… I would have to say about an eight. He definitely has control over himself, but he does seem rather lost, I would say.”
“I would have to agree. He let himself show his anger, I’m sure of that, but I’m not completely sure as to why. Do you have any theories on that point?”
“Well, he was rather calm throughout the first half of the session, but as soon as he continued with his story I could see that he was having trouble controlling himself. I think… I think that he was once a good boy. Did he have religion?”
“Yes, he did. We don’t know what religion, or even how it affected him, but we do know that he at least had it.”
“Hmmm… Well then. I think we need more information. Has he made any friends yet?”
“Not that we can tell. He is rather hostile towards most of the others, but there is one boy who he seems to be less hostile towards.”
“I see. What is special about the other boy?”
“Nothing so far as we can tell. He gets along with most of the others, and seems to be a good kid. There are many that are similar to him as far as background goes, and of those there are a few who behave the same as him. But our special young man is just as hostile to them.”
“Well isn’t that interesting. I think it’s time that I observed him myself.”
“Are you sure sir? No offence intended.”
“Yes, I am quite sure. I could use a refresher. I will be conducting after lunch the activity observations, if that is manageable.”
“Of course sir, I will arrange it immediately. Would you like anyone in particular to assist?”
“No, whoever is fine. But I do have another session shortly, so I will let you get to your observations.”
“Of course, sir. I shall see you at lunch, with the observations of the boy up to that point?”
“That’s sounds fine.”
“Very good sir. I shall see you then.”

The End

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