The Story 2Mature

“Humans. Plural. Do you consider yourself as a human, or are you something else?”
“Of course I’m a human.”
“Why do speak as though you are not? You speak as if from the perspective of someone that is looking down on an inferior race.”
“That is because humans are inferior. I have lived as an outcast my entire life, doc, and I have watched as you foolish and narrow minded humans grow. You all try to impress each other by what you wear and what you have. You all worry about what people think about you, or if you don’t worry bout what everyone thinks, there is always at least one person that you try to impress and you always worry about what they think. You are all so absorbed in yourself and worry about silly temporal and physical things. You’re a bunch of idiots who don’t see the real picture.”
“Are you saying that you don’t worry about what people think? Are you so different from the rest of ‘us humans’ that you don’t worry about how we view you?”
“Usually, yes. I don’t really try very hard to get people to like me anymore. I recently taught myself to not judge people, and in doing so I learned how to stop caring about other people. And I know that it is ingrained in humans to want to be accepted, and I am not saying that I don’t want to be accepted, I am just saying that I don’t care about you people anymore.”
“I see. Would you say that you can see the whole picture? Do you see something that the rest of us cannot?”
“Oh you could all see it too. But you just don’t. I know you don’t, for if you did you would all be very different from who you are now. You would stop worrying about being accepted, for if everyone saw the truth we would all be accepted by everyone else. We would not need these foolish ‘therapy’ sessions either, for I would not have a problem.”
“So if everyone saw the true big picture like you do, why wouldn’t you have a problem?”
“People would be smart and understand each other and there would be no more misunderstanding, we would be good people and I would have no need to bottle my anger, for it would not exist.”
“I see. Well, why don’t you continue with your story?”
“As you say.”

The End

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