Trapped in the HouseMature

I walked towards her slowly, knowing that she couldn’t escape. I could see the fear in her eyes as she turned to face me after seeing that she had entered a true dead end. But she hadn’t stop trying to find a way out after I told her she was trapped, for she had continued searching frantically for a way to escape me. The lights above us flickered, casting shadows all around as I slowly approached her, the light reflecting off of my cold Damascus steel knife. I smiled to myself, watching as a small spark of hope flickered in her eyes as she caught mine. She believed that my love for her would keep me from harming her, but she was gravely mistaken. She never loved me, or even really cared, and so she didn’t deserve to have me hold myself back. She should never have entrapped me.

She stood tall in the corner, trying to be brave and not show her fear. But I could still see it. I could see the fear in her aura, that unseen force that was filled with colors. I could read every facet of who she was, and I could see into the hidden recesses of her soul and see her darkest fears. I walked towards her and kept my face blank, betraying none of the emotions that stormed through my mind as I thought about what was about to happen. The excitement, the pleasure, the pain. None of it was allowed to show on my face. She stares at me, stunned, her breathing fast. I stop in front of her, our bodies almost touching. I smile, and raise the knife…

The End

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