Trapped (revised version)

The summer air brushed against her face as she waded in the shallows of the ocean waves. Inhaling, she took in the salty scents of sea water. The sun was setting slowly in the distance, reflecting its powerful rays to the water below. She longed to sit here and watch the tide rise effortlessly along the shore line. She was happy in this place, where life seemed to slow down for a moment. The ruins of their relationship didn’t matter. She ran her fingers through her hair letting her golden curls bounce back effortlessly about her face.

She sat in silence, reflecting on the days that led her to this moment. Her heartache and pain brushed off by those around her, resentment consumed her. Unaware of the screaming that was erupting from the beach; she saw the wall of water approaching. Pulling her mind back to reality, she watched what she presumed was her death crash onto her like a concrete block.

The world was black and murky; her body tumbled violently between the sudsy white surface and treacherous darkness, no escape in sight. Remaining as calm as possible her lungs burned with every escaping breath.  

 I’m going to die, she thought.

Panic set in as she thrashed beneath the wall of water. Her limbs felt heavy as her body lost valuable oxygen. In that moment she gave up.  Sinking slowly into the liquid coffin she was confined to her arms drifted above her head. Her lungs began to release the agonizing pain with each breath that escaped them.

The words were eerie in her bloated hollow skull. Her life flashed before her eyes playing like a bad movie in a dingy theatre. Ginger haired visions of her children laughing lingered momentarily before fading into the abyss beyond her burning eyes. The darkness became eternal as her mind shut down.

*                             *                       *

A bright light flooded her vision as she came to. The room was cold and sterile, as most hospital rooms are. The panic she remembered feeling as she slipped deep into the ocean wave resurfaced begging her to get up, run.

“Where am I?” was all she could muster.

Her abused body ached with the slightest movement. She looked around becoming aware of the strange dark haired man sleeping on the red run down pull out bed. Startled she sat up.

Who is that?  She was frantic, looking for the exit.

Groaning in the distance he began to stir. Rubbing his eyes he stared at her in disbelief. He was at her bedside in a flash his handsome features were electrified with compassion as he detailed the rescue.

“It was a rogue wave,” he started “Didn’t you see the warning signs posted?” concern riddled his face.

“No,” She answered meekly, her chocolate eyes falling to her hands.  

She smiled, thankful for this heroic man. Tears slipped down her cheeks. She looked into his deep eyes, falling into their comfort.

“Thank you” the words fell from her lips.


The End

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