A door slammed before their lips met. Charlotte’s head shot up and she immediately regretted it. She had really wanted that kiss. Feet slapped down the steps and the bolt flew back with a loud clang. Cooper’s eyes went wide and pulled Charlotte down behind him. For someone in so much pain he was still remarkably strong when the situation called for it. Charlotte hit the floor just as the door flew open and Sangyr’s deformed face poked through the opening. He looked quickly around the room, his oily black hair flying around his blocky face as he swung his head searchingly. His eyes landed on a girl curled into a fetal position in the corner. “Take her,” he said with a nasty grin and pointing his nobly fingers at the girl. Two guards entered the room and grabbed the girl by the hair. They dragged her screaming from the room.
The tension in Cooper’s arm softened and his arm went lax around Charlotte’s shoulders. “Go to sleep Charlotte, save your energy,” Cooper said after a short pause, “you’ll need it for when the food comes again.” Charlotte nodded she was exhausted.
Two Months Later
“Today’s the day Charlie,” Cooper whispered quietly. Charlotte nodded. Cooper had slowly regained his strength over the last two months and now, though still a shadow of his former strength, he was once again the strongest in the cell and now he wanted out.
It was about an hour before they heard Sangyr’s steps on the stairs. Both Charlotte and Cooper got up and waited by the door. Charlotte had also regained some strength because as soon as Cooper had been able to enter the fray for food he had begun grabbing enough food for the both of them to eat decently well.
As soon as Sangyr poked his head through the door Cooper whipped his hands out and pulled him in. His hands as quick as the wind, Cooper grabbed the knife from Sangyr’s belt and brought it to its owner’s neck. “Drop your weapons or Sangyr dies,” Cooper commanded the two soldiers outside. The clatter of two swords and two knives rung against the stone walls of the cell. Charlotte darted out the door and grabbed a knife, threw Tyler a sword and threw the rest of the swords away from the guards and the cell. After tying the guards and Sangyr up and stuffing gags into their mouths Cooper and Charlotte crept up the stairs and peeked out the doors at the top. The coast was clear. They opened the door and ran down the torch-lit hall way.
The very first door they came across in the wall Cooper motioned Charlotte to stop. He listened at the door for several minutes. When he seemed appeased by what he heard he threw open the door and charged in. After a very short scuffle and a few shouts things quieted down and Cooper called Charlotte in.
“Go get some real clothes on,” Cooper smiled and nodded toward an adjacent room, accessible only from the one they were in.
Charlotte almost gasped as she saw that Cooper held an old couple at sword point. Both were seated in relative comfort however and, though a bit worried, they didn’t look much worse for the wear. “Don’t worry good sir and ma’am, we only need a set of clothes each and a small sum of money. We have no desire to hurt you in any way…though if you happened to have a little food around…”
The conversation Cooper had begun grew too muffled for Charlotte to understand as she closed the door to the lady’s room and looked through the dresses their for one that might fit her. To her great surprise she did indeed find several dresses that fit her very well and so she picked her favorite, a and quickly donned it before returning to the main room. There she found Tyler with garbed in similar attire to her own in make. It was not made for someone of his build and so was tight around the shoulders and arms, but Charlotte actually liked the way it accentuated his well-made upper body. He also had a leg of roast chicken and was happily gnawing away at it. Charlotte made a quick grab for another of the chicken’s limbs and Cooper laughed at her eagerness.
“Well it’s been a very long time!” Charlotte exclaimed indignantly, which unfortunately only made Cooper laugh even harder.
“Alright Charlie, it’s time we were gone.” Then he turned to the old couple and swept off his hat, “Goodbye to you two, I hope that someday I can repay you for what I have taken today, and I thank you for your kindness.” The couple nodded, still seeming slightly dazed.
With that Charlotte and Cooper took their leave of the room and Cooper linked his arm around hers and led her at a stately stroll down the halls. “We’re just a couple going to the stables to obtain a few of the horses for a ride in the countryside,” Cooper informed Charlotte as they walked down the hall. Charlotte nodded silently. Then her eyes went wide.
Several guards were charging down the halls in the direction that Charlotte and Cooper had just come from. 
“Cooper, we need to wash up! We’ll never pass for upper class looking as dirty as we do!” 
Cooper's eyes widened and he immediately turned away from the guards, pulling Charlotte with him. The guards passed by their backs without giving them so much as a glance.  Charlotte heard Cooper let out his breath in a long puff of relief and grinned.  

The End

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