Ready for Battle..

It had been a very non-eventful day so far. Nothing had occurred out of the ordinary. I was sitting on my cosy bed, strumming at my guitar when the phone had rang downstairs in the kitchen. Too lazy to get it, I’d let it go to the answering machine

“Hey,uhh.this is Myles.Alices’ friend? I,uhh,just have to talk to Al,I mean, Alice about something to do with Halloween plans? If she could,uhh,ring back I guess?” I giggled at his nervousness. Myles hated talking to people he didn’t know well. He always got nervous. But never around me. Which is why the first day I met him I knew that we couldn’t just be friends. And so after days of planning with Addison, Blair and Hailey I’d casually bumped into him on the way to Bio-Chem. and after that one awkward little conversation, Volia! My perfect instant boyfriend. With some wooing. On his part. He’d met my parents on many occasions but I don’t know he still seemed kind of… edgy around them, but whatever. I couldn’t focus on the negatives when he had the sweetest face know to man.


I jogged down the stairs and dialled Blair’s number. After four rings she answered in a garbled sentence,


“Hey Blair, Busy?”


“Ahh, I see. So get this. Myles just rang and I think he’s finally come up with something to do on Halloween.”

“Really? Finally! I was thinking I might have to stay home and trick or treat with the little monster brother. It better be good! Hold on lemme get Hailey. I’ll put you on speaker.”

“ok” I waited for about three minutes and I heard a stumble into the phone.

“Hey it’s Hailey…and Blair. Soo!”

“Hey Hails. Ok so basically he called and said he had something to tell me so I’m guessing you want me to buzz him in on the call?”

“Totally” Both Hailey and Blair screeched down the phone. “Oh wait I’ll buzz in Addison on this line.” Blair rambled.

I punched in the area code and Myles’s number.

“Hey,ughh,hello?” Myles voice crackled over the phone.

“Hey Myles, Alice here. And Blair, Addie and Hails.”

“Oh hey guys.”

“Don’t hey us, get on with the plan explaining!” Addison chirped in, on the other line.

“Ok. So get this. A trek, through the forest down by Mel’s creek. With only flash lights. And a little trip into the big deserted warehouse by the pond. Eh? Good no?”

“Err, No!” chorused the twins, “ It’s the end of October, and it’s freezing” Blair complained.

“Well, It’s my plan or no plan guys. Every cinema screening of a scary movie is booked out. I can’t stay at any of your houses just cause I’m a guy, so basically its sneak out and meet up at the bridge at midnight or spend it bobbing for apples with your little siblings..?”

“Fine” I answered doing anything to avoid spending the night with Nathan and his little friend’s dressed up as super heroes.

“Yeah ok…I suppose.” The twins agreed.

“I’m in” Addison chimed in.

“Ok it’s settled then. Tomorrow, at midnight by the bridge. Bring a flashlight and a coat.” Myles fathered us.

They hung up the phone so it was only me, Myles and Addison left on the phone.

“well, err,I’m going to go…bye!” Addison hung up the phone; the dial tone reaching my ears at the same time Myles said “ok, so I guess I’ll see you then?”

I thought about it for a couple of seconds and blurted out what I had been waiting to say, stored in my head all the time I was talking to him.

“How about you come over for a while?. I mean, my parents are out, Nathans at playschool, we could watch a movie or-“ I didn’t need to continue.

“Ok, be there in five.” Myles was clearly anticipating this visit.

“Ok see you then.” I was just about to hang up the phone when I heard a little whisper reaching the receiver.

“ I love you, Alice Franklin.”

I sighed and went to tell him I loved him back but I wanted our first time confessing to be special. And I’m sure that he didn’t think I heard him. Later that evening after Myles had paid his visit, I pulled out my old diary from under my bed and began to read all the old stuff I had written. It took me a while to figure it out that from the age of around 13, Myles had been in love with me. All the little gestures the funny smiles, they all lead to something in the end. I shut the diary and curled up onto my pillow and starting humming a soft tune. Half way through the chorus I jumped up onto my bed and began to belt out a rendition of the Spice Girls “Wanna be.” “If you wanna be my lover, you better get with my friends,taking is too easy so that’s the way it issss!” I felt relieved, elated to have such a great life. No worries, problems, the perfect to-be boyfriend. Little did I know that in less that 21 hours I would be lying by his side, begging him to fight for his life…

The End

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