Finding the key

After finding out that Lauren can transform into anything she wishes, Diana and Millie ask Lauren to Transform into a pencil so they could take her home and sort out there plans there.

Diana was over Millies house and they were both in Millies room with Lauren.

"So what do we have to do so you can go back home" Diana asks.

"Well we have to find the 'Pronon' that is the key to going back home" Lauren said.

"Can you do that?" Diana said.

"Yes but I need your help. I can wish to find the key but its in a story book" Lauren said.

"Can you wish into story books?"Millie asked.

"Yes" Lauren replied.

"then why do you need us?" Diana asked.

"Because I cannot give myself wishes" Lauren said.

"so we wish for you?" Millie asked. 

"Yes" Lauren said.

"That's easy" Diana said.

"Not quite, whoever wishes will have to find the key alone none if us can help or go with you and once you have found the key to my home then it will bring you back automatically" Lauren said.

"I am willing to take the take the risk and task" Diana said.


but if it goes wrong and Diana wishes to go into a different book she might never come back...





The End

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