Meeting Lauren

Everyones faces looked stunned when all the smoke had died away and a young girl appeared. She had Blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a silver dress. She looked at everyone then turned and faced Diana and Millie.

"Thank you I am now free" Said the girl

No one spoke for a minute the teacher fainted in shock. Finally Diana spoke.

"what-what's your name" Diana said.

"My name is Lauren, I already know who you are as I have been trapped on the school science cupboard for a while now" said the girl.

"We are so sorry for leaving you in the science cupboard, we never new" Millie said.

"Of course you did not know" Lauren said smiling.

"Are-Are you a fairy of some kind?" Lola asked from the other side of the room.

Lauren turned and faced Lola.

"Yes I am, I am a fairy of the stars" Lauren said.

"I don't believe that" Sara Said.

"Believe what you want, but you cannot miss what is true" Lauren said.

"If you are a fairy of the stars why are you here?" Diana asked.

"My star I live on is called 'Krigh' but recently it blew up, most of us fled to another star, but I was young and fell into earth instead" Lauren said looking sad.

"Do you know where your family are now?" Millie asked.

"No I am, I am afraid to say stuck here" Lauren said.

"Do you have any powers?" Lola asked.

"Yes, and using those powers with a bit of help I might be able to get back home" Lauren said with a small smile.

"I would help you" Diana said.

"So would I" said Millie

"Really?!" Lauren asked looking happier.

"Yes of course" Diana and Millie said together smiling.

The End

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