Meeting the characters

Diana and her friend Millie live normal lives go to a normal school, but when they met Lauren there life changed in a instant. They counter many adventures together, but Diana goes over board and wishes her self in a story book. It wouldn't be to bad if the story book didn't end with a bad ending...

Diana and her friend looked down on there timetables and look what lessons they had today.


09:30= English Lesson

10:08= Science Lesson

11:25= History Lesson

12:30= Lunch

14:44= PE

15:00= RE


"This is one of the worst days ever!" Diana said to Millie.

"I know! Lets make our way to science and wait outside our classroom for the bell to go" Millie said sighing.


Diana and the rest of the class were waiting outside the science room when the bell went off. The teacher Mrs Snap came out into the corridor and gave intructions for the class before they went in the classroom.

"Class" Mrs Snap said "Today we will be studying Acids with Blue Litmus paper and see what happens, your ingredients and equipment are on your desks so work in partners and go in and make a start."

Everyone rushed into the classroom, but as normal Jenifer, Dianas worst enemy got into class first and added a bit of 'Polieis Havic Acid" To Dianas and Millies mixture on there desk, knowing very well what it could do.

Jenifer quickley ran to her desk to sitdown by Sara ready to start the lesson. She really couldn't wait to see what happens.

Everyone soon begin to fill there desks once they gad put there bags down. Mrs Snap called '3,2,1' and everyone started there experiment.

"Thus is one of the best lesson I have ever had" Millie said.

"Yeah I agree, because normally we have to do paper work and everyone knows that is not fun" Diana said.

Minutes past and Jenifer got bored of waiting for something to happen.

"Hurry up only 10 mins left!" Mrs Snap said.

Diana became worried in case she didn't finish her experiment and added the 'Geonic Powder' fast into the mixture. Now this 'Geonic Powder' is only ment to be added slow in case of a 'Telge' as the teacher liked to call it.

Diana and Millies mixture turned green and everyone pointed and stared laughing that there potion had gone wrong. Jenifer on the other hand was enjoying it most but didn't know something else might happen...

The green Mixture disopeared and everyone gasped even Jenifer looked shocked. Slowly a figure appeared with smoke around it and faced Diana and Millie.


Everyone held there breath...

The End

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