A werewolf fantasy story, inspired by Kelly Armstrong and Keri Arthur's novels.

I cried out. As I did, the pain numbed, as always. I felt my limbs contorting, shifting, changing and finally re-arranging as power swept through every fibre, every nerve ending. Until, the feet that had been standing on the moist, leafy ground were no longer human feet. But paws. Four of them holding my weight up, as my brain readjusted to the new form. This was my favourite time. The change. In this secondary form I was not only free of the stress of human life, but the pain that came with it.

Since the age of twelve, I'd been in pain. A long term knee injury that seemed to baffle the doctors had plagued my existence. But this different form, had a different bone structure and though my brain was still fully human, well as human as one such as me can be. My body loved its wolf form. As I transformed, I felt the source of the pain change and shift into something that was no longer painful, rather a comforting relief. So now, I transformed whenever I could, calling to the wolf deep within to relieve me from the agony of every day life. Though I could transform at will, unlike the modern horror films depict, there was nothing quite like the full moon transformation. Tonight, with the moon full in the cloudless sky, I felt whole, more like myself and more free than at any other moment in my life. This was my night.

The End

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