Scream loudly in an attempt to wake the neighbours?Mature

Nobody hears Melinda’s scream.

Suddenly she hears some burr...perhaps her own cardiac murmur?

Memories from the past are descending on Melinda. She realizes that the burr has some repeat, like a song...

A little girl appears in the ubb three meters from Melinda. Melinda stands dumbfounded. The little girl sings like a cacodemon.


'You? Again?'

Little girl

'It was sunny when we left home, but by the time we reached the beach, the Pacific ocean was gray and cold. Waves pounding angrily on the shore, as if we were under attack by the elements...'

The girl’s voice turns angry. Melinda keeps her ears stopped.

Little girl

'And you left me there!'

If you were Melinda what would you do?

The End

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