She turns to Klári to talk about her husband, Janos...Mature

KLÁRI/CLARA (48) behind her is pummelling the cash-register.

In her youth, she used to be a "dream-of-men woman". She has almost entirely succeeded in covering her wrinkles by the help of
her make-up. She is having a pair of close-bodied one-piece jeans on.


'János comes home after work and says nothing to me. I noticed that somebody is calling him on the phone at home and this person is writing and sending letters for him. Of course, he is trying to conceal these things. It has been for weeks! Clara, I believe that our marriage is in danger, perhaps a lover, a different woman...What if Janos...'

Clara (stops pummelling the cash-register, she glances at Melinda):

'You had better not expect much from men. At least for a little time, you should detach yourself from your husband and live your own life. In fact, I have been cheating my husband for free years with an Austrian architect, Wolfgang. But I have been doing it for my husband so that after spending together nine years I can love him in the same way as at the beginning!

....and what he doesn't know that doesn't hurt him! Wolfgang is the rescuer of my marriage.

By the way, this cute Austrian boy had designed a look-out
tower in Hidaskút too…'

Having enough of Clara’s cheating stories and knowing that there isn't any look-out tower in Hidaskút Melinda leaves the shop.

What should she do next?


The End

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