...step out of the saloon immediatelyMature

Melinda is heading for the open-air market in the Main Square.
She sees a young married couple are standing with two children in front of the stalls in the street. The husband gives an angel-shaped Christmas decoration to his daughter and to his son. The children are chasing each other around their parents with the cardboard angels in their hands.

Melinda feels tears in her eyes.

At this time, Clara's cleaning saloon blows up. Melinda has a
fall through her fear. The passers- by are running for dear life from the Main Square. A taxi comes by driving into the crowd and evading the fleeing people. The man wearing a mackintosh is standing behind the oil-drum motionless watching the events. He speaks to himself:


'Showmen in the circus. The more effort you make to produce a spectacle the less you are sure of yourself. Nothing is more pathetic than a killer with his
trembling hands…'

Melinda does not hear his words...In her alarm, Melinda is stark with fear. Windstorm arises in the Main Square. The angel-form decorations threaded on strings begin tinkling.



We can see an office with interior traverses where the employees are coming to and fro.

The only sound we can hear is the click-clacking of the keyboards. The entrance door flies open abruptly. A middleaged good-looking slender man with brown hair enters the office. Although he wears monitor shaped glasses, his big blue eyes shine behind them. He is JANOS (43). On his arrival the clicking of the keys ceases. János glances up at the clock: it's a quarter to 10 am.

What should he do?

The End

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