Transdanubian MiracleMature

Christmas Sale in the main square of Betenye city, Hungary. There are onlookers around the stall-keeper's stalls. We can see an angel statue and some benches on the verge of the Main Square. The Christmas chimes can be heard in the distance.

We are in a cleaner saloon. We can see MELINDA (39) who is looking over a shop-window at the street. Her bright eyes and her auburn curly hair make her lovely face younger. She is wearing a white blouse and a dark-colored skirt. Her face shows her anxiety and sadness.

She glances at the newspaper display in front of the saloon. Suddenly, he catches sight of an article. 'CAUTION: CIVIL GUARD...' But she cannot see the end of the headline.

What should MELINDA do?

The End

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