This was a project I had to do on supernatural stuff, so I hope you like it.

My dreams are full of nothing but terror, always about wolves, and always making me awake in a cold sweat. They started when I turned 13. My mom said it was normal at this age, as if she wasn’t really listening. This dream, I was running non-stop from a big wolf, it was almost as big as a bear. It was chasing me, and every time I got closer to the door at the end of the tunnel, it would lead to another hallway. And then another, and another. It went on and on until my mom woke me from my sleep, I always woke her up with screams of fright. Every night, I would wait until I couldn’t hold my eyes open, until I drifted off unwillingly. I wanted the dreams to stop. My mom said that as soon as I turned 15, I would finally sleep in peace. I waited for that day.

 Presently, it is 5 hours until October 31, my birthday. I wait anxiously for 12:00 midnight to come around. I plan on not falling asleep, so that I was to fall asleep for the first time, without nightmares, and sleep until satisfied. It was 30 minutes before midnight; I know that it is not technically the next day, but it gives me enough time to get ready, I want to be comfortable. My mom said she had these nightmares when she was my age, so I expected her to know what would happen. She told me that it ran in our family, that we always had nightmares about wolf’s right before their 15thbirthday. She said that we go into a transformation, but she wanted me to figure out what transformation she was talking about. I didn’t like surprises, I never had. She said that it would happen after the time I was born on the day that I turn 15. I was born at 12:30 on the dot. She told me that getting rid of the nightmares was a big thing for our family, so everyone was here. They were all downstairs, chattering, and making too much noise for my thoughts.

 Iget up to look in the mirror, to see what I looked like. My silky red hair, with the one white blonde streak I put in it for my 13thbirthday.  My blue-gray eyes are bright and wide, my pale skin was soft and healthy looking. My appearance showed not even a hint of sleepiness, but I was exhausted. I make my way back to my bed, then turn to look at the clock, I quickly got dressed, into some comfortable shorts and a tank top, ones that I don’t wear any more. My mother said that I might want to wear clothes that I don’t bother keeping. I made my way to the door, it was 5 minutes till 12:30, and I was not going to be late.

Walking on my toes, to make as little noise as possible, I went down stairs. When I walked into the living room, which was filled with people from one wall to the other, everyone turned at once. I was the youngest, and apparently the last one to go through the transformation this year. Everyone was silently watching me, my mother came up to me and nudged me towards the door. I walked out the door, wondering why we were going outside, when it was freezing out. I started shivering at once, and my mother gave me a hopeful look, and then vanished into the crowd. I looked around everyone was in a circle around me, not coming any closer than to the edge of the circle of light I was standing in. I looked at the ground, embarrassed by all the eyes on me. Then I noticed what I was looking at, it was a circle, with a star in the middle. My family’s symbol, I had to memorize because when you are born into my family, you are given a bracelet so that everyone knows who you are. Then I checked my watch, it was 12:25. Everything seemed to speed up, then I blinked and it was suddenly 12:30.

Ifelt a sharp pain, and then it grew to an unbearable agony. I screamed I shook so hard I should have been having a seizure. I felt this prickling everywhere in my body, almost as if a thousand needles were poking through my skin, trying to get out. No matter how much I rubbed, or screamed the pain didn’t go away. My bones cracked, and stretched. I felt my arms and legs getting longer; my body was becoming covered in hair. It was thick, and long. My jaw and nose were growing. I felt a wet sensation on my nose.

Igave out one last tortured cry, and then the pain vanished. I stood up, but I wasn’t on two legs, I was on four. My nose was long and narrow, and my legs felt strong. My clothes were on the ground, but I wasn’t cold, and then I knew why, I was covered in white fur, pure white fur, and I was a wolf. I was bigger than any normal wolf, about the size of a small bear. I, Paige Natalie McCannon was a werewolf. I looked in the direction of my mother, and all I saw was a brown wolf, with my mother’s eyes, brown and warm. I walk to her, and she nuzzles me.  She starts howling, soon the whole pack was howling. I had never heard a more deep, and hypnotizing sound, it was so beautiful. Soon I was howling along, a deep, melodious howl. First it was faint, and then it grew, until it was louder than the others. My wolf voice was so different. I loved the sound it made. I loved how it made my body vibrate with excitement. When everyone was silent, my mother spoke, I was expecting to hear her start barking, but instead I heard it in my head. Her voice was the same tone as when she was human. “Paige, you are finally one of us.” the others bowed, and cleared a path for my mother and me to walk through. As we walked I noticed I was bigger than her, not by much, but there was a difference. We walked side-by-side, to edge of the woods. When we reached the tree line, she spoke again. “Now we hunt.” Then we ran, we ran so fast that a human would have thought they were dreaming. I was finally free of my nightmares. I was finally able to sleep. Although I knew that I could sleep peacefully, that was the last thing I wanted to do. We hunted till the night was dawn, I had caught a mountain lion, and my mother complimented me on my hunt, saying I was a natural. So I gave her half, I wouldn’t have been able to eat the whole thing, I was just showing off. When we arrived back home, we were all exhausted. As I was a “new born” they called it, I didn’t know how to change back, so I watched the others. They just changed like it was no big deal. “Uh… Mom?” I said in my mind.

“Yes?” she answered back, she had been watching me, “Just think about changing, and you will.” She was still in her wolf form, watching me.

Right, I thought, easy as pie. I remembered the agonizing pain I had gone through to start with.

“Will it hurt?” I asked her.

It looked like she smiled, “It only hurts the first time.”

I thought about changing, and then I felt my bones shrink, and the fur fell away as though it had been burned off. When I was done, walked up to my room, and fell into my bed. For the first night in years, I slept, and didn’t awaken until the next day.



The End

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