More Bad News

A dull, sad,white was in front of Claudia’s face. 
She struggled to sit up.  Across from her were Emily and Amy and on her left side was a window, and on the right side was Rocky and Dean. 

            “Where is everyone?” murmured Claudia. 

            “Your awake, we were almost giving up hope on you.” Emily said. She and everyone else were bandaged.  With a flash, Claudia realized that they were in the hospital. 

            “The house on 58th street by East Crossing?” asked a nurse passing by the room. 

            “Yes, they are replaying the story now, the whole family died.” The other nurse confirmed.  Claudia jumped at of the bed onto her injured
feet. No, I can’t be. 

             “Claudia!” Emily protested, but Claudia was already out the door.  She
ran all the way down to the receptionist room. 
People stared as her as she caught the end to the news report. 

            “We have confirmation that the Baker family had all died at ten forty-four pm in their house fire last night.” The blond anchor said.  Claudia’s legs, tired
of being ignored, gave out from under her and everything went black as she hit
the floor.

The End

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