This is a little out of my typical gene being drama... Just let me know what you think:)

Claudia woke up to sound of an annoying beep.  She opened one eye lazily, then realized what day it was.  She jumped out of bed, and hurried over tostart getting dressed. 

            “What’ss ammatter?” groaned Claudia’s best friend, Diana.

            “My train leaves soon!” Claudia’s words came out a little muffled as she pulled her nicest t-shirt over her head. 

            “Whoa, it does.” Diana also hurried to get ready.  Soon, both of Diana’s
parents were up and they were all on the road. 

            “Now, you are going to nail this.” Diana said to Claudia.  “Your train ride
lasts all day, so don’t start worrying now. I don’t care if that woman does not want you in the tour, you are the best and you are going to show everyone just what a girl from the badlands of Tennessee can accomplish if she puts her mind to it.”  Diana beamed at her friend.

            “Diana’s right, Claud.  People just mess up when they let their nerves  get to them.  Julliard was more than happy to have you on their register for this special program, and then they were thrilled when you accepted this program as well.” Diana’s mother said from the front seat. 

            “Your head is in the game, Claudia, keep it there.” Diana’s father spoke. 

            They arrived at the train stop with little time to spare.  “Bye!, Bye! Yes,
Diana, I will write! Yes, Mrs. Baker, I have everything.” Claudia yelled as she
boarded the train.  207, 209, I will never understand what is with the “E” in front of
everything.  Claudia shook her head as she found her compartment. Inside sat a young blond woman with what looked like her daughter standing beside her, an older gentleman who looked like he was going on a safari with another younger woman who was looking annoyed. Across from them sat an Asian who looked ready to rock climb.

            As Claudia opened the door, the one woman who looked annoyed was speaking. 
   “For the last time, Dad, it is just ten after ten-we have a few minutes
left before we take off.” She said in a clipped British tone.  “Oh, hi.” She smiled at Claudia.

            “Is it okay I put my stuff up here?” Claudia asked the Asian. Her Tennessee accent was very pronounced, which she hated. 

            “Ya, go ahead.” The Asian said in with a British accent.

            “Are you from Tennessee, U.S.?” the little girl asked, but in an American accent as Claudia sat down.

            “Yes, ma-am, where are you from?” Claudia smiled at the girl.

            “We are from Dakota’s.” the little girl said. The mother nudged the girl, and after a quick look, the girl spoke again. “My name is Amy, by the way.”

            “Amy that’s a pretty name.” a voice spoke from the doorway.  An elderly lady
walked in. “My name is Emily.” She answered before Amy could ask.

            “I’m Suzanna Bright.” The mother said.

            “I’m Ellie Wilton and this is my dad, Dean.” The woman next to Suzanna said.

            “I’m Rocky Terin.” The Asian said. 

            “I’m Claudia Starr.” Claudia introduced herself last. 


The End

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