Sex and Angst?

authors warning: This is going into mature territory but I don't know how to change the tag.

Oh, for goodness sake, lets get this over and done with.

My daughter is bisexual.

That I have no problem with, whatever you may think because of the way I've been dragging my feet about telling you.

It was one of the problems that her mother had with her. Bloody hypocrite. She admitted to me a few years ago that she'd been seeing a married man, which turned into seeing both him and his wife !!!

It was probably the fact that my daughter first announced this when she was thirteen, and had her mother then try desperatly for 2 years to tell her she wasn't, and it still didn't work.

On the day she was born, I held her and her sister in my arms, told them how much I loved them, and whatever they did I would love them.

So when my ex said, with crossed arms and very tight lips, "Cath has something to tell you" and then Cath said " I swing both ways dad" I just gave her a big hug and kiss and said "Okay love."

She then went out to play on her bike like normal thirteen year olds, and I got "What the @@@@ was that?"

"My honest opinion, love. Do you still see Steve and Becca?"

Didn't have far to walk home, with Cath pushing her bike next to me.

"She hates me."

"No she doesn't, she just thinks its a phase and you're confused."

"And you?"

"Tell me to bugger off if you want, but is it just mental or have you tried it?"



There followed a few seconds of silence.

"A bit, but mum doesn't know."

"Probably best she doesn't. "



"Wha... You don't know what I was going to say."

"You can't bring anyone back to mine unless...."

I let it hang, just like I'm going to do to you.

The End

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