More enlightenment

Well, that was a bit longer of a gap than I expected.

By the time I walked down to Budgens and got the milk, popped into the charity shops, and had a coffee it was time to meet Cath from the train and then she reminded me that we were going to a swim that evening. Literally it was a case of dash home, grab towels.... well, a towel for me, towels and shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, clean undies, etc, for Cath.... and rush back to the station.

The nudist swim at Cromer is quite new, and probably wouldn't exist without my money.

No leisure centre wanted a nude swimming group in the area. The local councils, whilst saying that they didn't disapprove, said that the facilities weren't suitable.

And then my beloved daughter mentioned that her college has a swimming pool, that it isn't overlooked by anyone, and that the school would really like to get some repairs done to it.

The board of governors met, and I stood there and said that I'd pay for repairs if we could have our swim there, it would be well after school hours, we'd provide our own lifeguards, and pick a flaw in that.

It still wasn't 100% sure until I said that if, in a years time, they could give us a solid reason to go we would and they'd have a swimming pool that looked brand new.

And three months on they'd had no cause for complaint.

The swim had grown from less than 10 at the first one to about 50 on average every two weeks now.. Most were couples, but we allowed singles and families, and Cath at sixteen wasn't our youngest member.

Its a good swim, and I feel proud of it.

When it finished we caught the train back, got supper from the chip shop, and I just didn't get around to writing more.

Or maybe I'm just trying to put it off.

After all, stories of sex and angst aren't exactly the easiest to write about.

The End

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