Train of thoughts

"I wonder if her hair tickles her ass when she's naked?"

It wasn't me being rude about the woman with hip length hair that had just bought her ticket from me, but just me coming out with the first thing my nudist mind came up with.

Geoff laughed as he moved off. He had driven the train in, and now needed to get to the other end to take it back to Norwich, dropping my daughter off at Cromer for college on the way.

"Don't forget the milk, dad" she yelled as the doors closed and it pulled away.

I'd moved to Sheringham two years earlier following my rather large lottery win (nobody but nobody knew it was eight  figures, my ex thought it was the low side of six figures and hadn't got any of it other than what I'd given her because I'm a sweet guy, and that had come in the form of a nice big house for her and our three daughters), and a few months earlier one of the twins had given up arguing with her mum and moved in with me.

And i was doing a few hours each morning in the railway ticket office, not so much for the money, but because I'd found myself on quite a few occasions receiving things through the post that I didn't even remember ordering. How many MP4 players did one man need?  And a new car in the drive when I don't drive!!

I needed something to ground me, and few things ground you more than little old ladies with handfuls of small change.

The End

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