Detective ClaytonMature

The man in the grey sweatshirt and sweatpants removes his arm from around his wife, who is wearing a frilly red dress and a bewildered expression, and claps his hands together. Then he stands.

"Well kids. That's all he sent me. Television time is over. Go read your books and get into bed."

"Ohee," complains the little boy with the messy red hair. "Why couldn't we have watched my show?"

"Because," their father exclaims, clapping his hands once more. "I thought you might enjoy watching my newest subject give us his side of the story. This is an unreleased video clip! It shows the inner workings of a psycho-path criminal!"

The man is intensely excited; his black hair is ruffled, his thick-rimmed glasses are crooked, and his stance is as if he had just jumped out of a cake. "Honey? Tell them that was educational."

His wife leans back in the couch and blinks repeatedly. "Well dear," she says.

But her husband is too excited to let someone else take part in his story. "This man's robbed millions from the biggest corporations! He even sat in on a meeting with the President, and nobody said a thing! The nerve! He must be the greatest con-man...and I get to put him away! Huh!"

He runs toward his children, but the boy hugs a pillow to his chest, and the girl latches onto her mother's leg.

"What do you all say? Go daddy, right? Go daddy! Ya!" He makes a fist and shakes it vigoursly. His family watches him with frozen expressions of bemusement. He loses steam with a sigh, and walks from the room.

"No one appreciates my work. I try to share things with you and..." His voice trails off as he stomps up the stairs to his room.

His wife stands up. "That's all for tonight. Sam, go do your arithmetic. Molly, find something to chew on."

The End

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