The Beast's Den

The bard's words were slowly sinking in. As the wizard went along his path, he thought so much about those words, and started imagining how the world would look like, if only he and the bard had the power to change it. He felt happy for that time. He wondered into the imaginary world, so much that he didn't even notice anything around him - until a wave of fire surged in front of him, barely missing his face.

His heart started beating insanely fast. This was the moment he had been waiting for, and he knew exactly what he had to do. Despite the dreadful sounds that were coming from inside the den, and the fire that surged out of the entrance in regular intervals, he knew that he must not let fear overwhelm him.

As soon as he entered, the dragon spotted him, and fired another wave in his direction. He fell to the ground, barely dodging it. As he looked up, his gaze met the dragon's. Those red, serpentine eyes radiated with anger and vengeance. Its body was covering the entire floor of the cave. The grayish-green colored scales were pierced on multiple occasions. Brave knights must have fought this beast many of times, centuries ago. Even its tail was covered in battle scars. It must have been at least a thousand years old. Its wings were neatly folded along his back. It seems the wizard didn't pose much of a treat to the dragon, for he didn't even bother getting up from the cave's floor.

The dragon roared, clearly mad from missing the first shot. As he opened his jaws, a huge fireball went straight for the wizards face, at the same time lighting the cave. As the wizard struggled to get up, his eyes caught a sight of a stalactite above the dragon's head. A sign of hope appeared on the old man's face, as he knew that this was his chance. He didn't focus on getting up, or running away. Instead, he raised his hand, bending his fingers into a shape of a claw, closed his eyes, and forced all of his remaining energy into it. A cyan light started forming around it.

He just knelt there, still holding his right hand up in the air, gripping the floor of the cave with another, and breathing heavily. His heart was pounding like never before. And then he realized it - he was still alive. He listened. Nothing... Just the sound of the wind. That had to mean only one thing. He tried slowing his heart rate, and breathing normally, as he struggled to open his eyes again.

Relief surged through his body, at the site his eyes were looking at. What once was a viscous beast, now lay motionless on the cavern floor, covered in its own blood. Its head was pierced by the stalactite that fell off, as the fireball hit it.

I did it! I reflected it! I saved them all...

He knew that was going to be the last of him. He barely had the strength to get back to the castle and tell everyone of this glorious victory.

The End

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