The Dialogue, part 2

"Well, when you put it that way..."

"There is no other way to put it" , the wizard interrupted. "It was not fate that brought me here; People did. Although my entire life has been dedicated to studying magic and various mysteries, and although I've gathered much knowledge on these things, I still cannot understand people."

"Perhaps I can be of help with that. I've traveled lands many don't even know exist, and I've met all kinds of people on my journey. It is envy that brought you here my friend. Envy, that is in the blood of all men. They refuse to accept you for who you are, because they lack what you have, and therefore they reject you. Narrow are the minds of us men, it's as if we purposely refuse them the right to work to their full potential. Maybe it is the fear that we would become different, realize more things... People are used to living like this, they fear change, even if it's for the better. World without pain, cries and misery would not last for long... It is not the world that we are used to living in."

The wizard nodded in agreement. He did not want to interrupt him this time.

"Maybe it is the lack of time that we are given in this world" , the bard continued. "If we could live for two, three hundred years, I'm certain we would realize so much more. Maybe it is the fact that there is not much love left in this world, torn apart by wars. Seldom are those who find true love, and enjoy it's full benefits. Many focus on mere survival, my friend, and do what they must to preserve the petty things that they have earned in this life. When we learn to break free of all the fears that keep us bound to the ground, we will gain wings, to fly above all we know, and see the world from a different perspective... See the image of what world could look like, if only we would just let it. When we all learn to open our eyes, not fearing what we might see - then the world would be as you and I imagine it."

"Indeed, my friend. Although, as much as it breaks my heart, I know that it is not their fault. Deep down in my heart, I still love my people. That is why I must do this, for I have failed to change the world, and I am willing to give the opportunity to someone who is yet to discover it. You can never know which one of us has within him the courage to make this world a better place."

With the help of his staff, the wizard stood up, preparing to say his last goodbye, for he was certain he would not survive this quest.

"I must go now. I have regained enough strength to face the beast, and I fear it might be too late if I do not go immediately. Farewell, my friend."

The bard sat there, as the wizard was leaving the cave. He opened his mouth, but before he said anything, he realized that "good luck" would only upset the wizard, for this had nothing to do with luck. Therefore, he did not say anything. He slowly moved his fingers across the instrument, and in that way said his goodbye. The wizard slightly raised his staff in response, marking the end of their encounter.

The End

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