An Unexpected Encounter

Wind howled stronger with each passing moment, as the wizard struggled to climb the mountain. The snow was blowing in his face, forcing him to bow down his head and hide under the hood. He could barely see where he was going. There was no sign of anything living on the mountain for two days, but as he continued on his way, he felt like he heard a relaxing flute melody, somewhere in the distance. It encouraged his curiosity, and he started moving in the direction the sound was coming from.

At first he thought that the wind and his mind are playing tricks on him, but as he drew closer, it became louder and he could hear it more clearly. It came from a small cave. The wizard didn't hesitate; He needed a shelter from the storm anyway. As he reached the entrance, he could see a shadow of a man on the wall, cast by the fire that burned inside the cave. He approached slowly and stood in the "doorway" , not wanting to come closer, fearing he might interrupt the man's song.

Regardless, the bard sensed his presence and stopped, turning around to see the wizard, and smiling at his site. "Come, join me!" The bard motioned his hand for the wizard to sit beside him. "I see that you've traveled quite the distance. Sit next to the fire, have something to eat, regain your strength. What journey brings you here, my friend?"

The wizard leaned his staff against the nearest wall, and took his hood off. The smile vanished from the bards face, the moment he saw the expression on wizard's. It gave away enormous sorrow. He was shivering, and barely made it into a sitting position across the bard. He barely mustered enough strength to answer the question bard asked a few minutes before.

"Ignorance, fear, disbelief and love. They have brought me to this place" , he said, staring at the dancing flames in front of him.

The bard had chanced to meet many a wizard throughout his life, and was accustomed to their puzzling way of expressing their thoughts. Yet, this seemed a little awkward. He was eager to know how those four came together, and led a man to a place you couldn't force others to come. He reached out his right hand to the wizard, handing him a loaf of bread.

"Eat and rest, then tell me more about your journey. I want to know everything; Maybe I can even write a song about it!" Excitement rang in bards voice.

The End

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