The Words of a Madman

A bunch of people were gathered near the Western wall, repairing the damage. It had to be done sooner, rather than later, for winter will be here any moment, bringing  with her it's snowstorms. Even though they were busy with their work, his yelling managed to grab their attention. He noticed that many had gathered, and decided that he was to tell them what he saw, as quickly as possible.

"Hear me, people, for I had seen it all. A raging beast will rise up in the skies, spitting flames of despair and releasing it's anger upon us. It will wreak havoc, bringing chaos and destruction, even death to our people. His lair is high up in the mountains. You have to go and kill it, before it dooms us all."

Silence. Everyone stared at him, but no one spoke. Until the man in charge of the repairs heard what he said, that is.

"You are crazy. Living isolated in that ruin made you completely insane. You can't even tell reality apart from imagination. Raging beast...Yeah right. Dragons have been extinct for centuries, you miserable old fool. Quit scaring people with your nonsense. Just go back to the hole you crawled out of."

It were not words that hurt him, but disbelief, ignorance, and most of all, the lack of respect he felt he deserved. He was the one that saved them during The great war many years ago... It would seem that everyone has forgotten who he is, and that isolation made him less trustworthy. There was only one person he had hoped would listen to him now.

He turned away from the crowd, heading towards the main chambers. He found the king sitting comfortably in his throne. There was no time for a friendly reunion, nor for the reminiscence of the past. He had to warn him right away.

He told the king everything that he saw, to the smallest detail - the way he could hear the dragon's wings clapping, the way he could feel the heat from the flames, the way the cries of his people echoed in the wind... But his hope was soon lost.

"I do believe that you saw it, my old friend", the king said with a soft voice. "But look at it from where I stand. There is much work to be done, and not nearly enough men. I cannot spare the men, the swords and the supplies for that quest. We have to focus on restoring our power. And, as you once said yourself, the visions aren't always true."

The wizard's eyes watered, as he knew that there was no one else to turn to, and his voice quivered as he said: "I will then go by myself. There should be just enough strength left in this old man, for one last journey. Do not try to stop me, for I am not mad. I will not let disbelief and ignorance be the end of our people."

"Maybe you have lost your mind, as people claim. And if you want to lose your life as well, I will not be the one standing in your way."

The End

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