The Premonition

He shook away his head at the sight, continuing the argument.

No, no, no... I'm far too old for something like that. Even if I did, would I be able to do anything about it? And who would listen to a senile old fool like myself?

He continued the walk around the room, and as he passed beside the table, his staff got tangled in the fabric, stripping it of the table and revealing what was underneath.

On top of the table stood a crystal ball, perfectly round and seemingly transparent. Seemingly - because it had some kind of a misty matter inside, which was capable of painting the ball in any color. At that moment it was grey, but as he continued staring at it, it slowly started turning darker, filling the inside of the ball until it was completely black.

His eyes widened in fear. He felt it was bad before, but now he knew that it was even worse than he had believed. He sat in the wooden chair, laid his staff beside him, and decided that he is going to use his gift, one last time. He couldn't look away from the ball, even if he wanted to. The curiosity prevailed over his sanity, and he reached out, gently touching the crystalline surface with his fingertips.

A wave of shock rushed through his body, and the wind surrounded him, making malevolent noises as it twisted his silver hair and his robes. He had his eyes closed for a while, trying to focus, in order to see the vision as clearly as possible.

He opened them abruptly. The look in his eyes, the sweat and the shaking, all gave away an enormous amount of fear, for he had seen it all. Raging beast high up in the sky, those bloodthirsty eyes and razor-sharp claws... And then the flames and the desperate cries of his fellow citizens.

It took him a while to come together, but as soon as he did, he rushed through the door, descending the stairs of the tower. "Beast! Flame! Despair! Death!" , he yelled.

The End

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