And Then?

And then??

Today I started PT,, physical thereapy,  I sincerely could not understand why it was so hard.  I used to run for gods sake!  Now I could barely lift my leg. 

Not only was it hard trying to walk, but I couldn't catch my breath, I think I took three steps.  I got angry and said s---t!  But it came out Sit! So my therapist sat me in my chair..  Idiot...

Here was another fun thing, ST.. speech therapy..

How now brown cow, The rain in spain stayed mainly on the plain, Six white sheep slit a white sheet.   WHO.. thought this up, what moron was going to be talking about six white sheep slitting a white sheet, what the heck did that mean anyway!

Oh god, I went through the motions, the PT was painful and slow, the SP was monotonous.

I was not going to do this! 

My voice was back, it called me a coward, it said I didn't want to get well, it berated me, it called me a loser, then it said.. "You will never get the coffee lady like this, she doesn't want a blabbering, cripple."

Well it's my third week of PT and ST and rains in spain with brown cows and the six sheep.  It's hard, it's slow but, it's coming along.. still, I don't understand the pain in my thigh, it's so swollen..

The End

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