And then?

And then???

After lying around in the hospital like a lump of coal.  After dancing with myself, inside my own mind, hmmm, wonder if that's what Clint Eastwood meant by his remark (A legend in his own mind).  I laugh, out loud, and a big gop of drool rolls down the side of my mouth. 

A left side stroke, right side parallelization. 

So now, here I am, I was released today at 11am, by 12pm I was unceremoniously pushed over to the middle of the bed by Nurse Ratchit.  God that woman was strong.  I had the feeling she was annoyed with me.  Stupid b--- I would help if my right side wasn't paralyzed!!

I turn my head to the window, that same piece of blue. I let the tears fall, then that voice, that incredibly strong, upbeat, unabashedly happy voice, snaps me out of my self deprecating reverie.

"Hey Mister!.. You stop that crying, you are a man!

OK, how many times have I used that to my benefit?  Anyway, I wiped the tear away with my strong arm and decided I was going to work like hell, to get better, and I had a reason too... Miss coffee lady..

The End

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