And Then?


"A stroke involving the base of the brain can affect balance, vision,

swallowing, breathing and even unconsciousness." The

Doctor imparts on like a timed fountain, spouting his cold

prognostication into the air about as bereft of human quality as

reading the dictionary. I build a mental wall between myself and

Dr. FU** wad and inhabit my mind again. I'll have to get used to

this place now that the stroke has done it's renovations.

My mid-year resolution comes to me like a friends voice, unusually

upbeat, calling from a cavern with a resonating echo in it's wake.

"You never chose to enter this race. But you are here now. Fear of

failure will sink you. I'm not asking for hope. I'm asking for an

unconditional commitment to faith, and the confidence and self

love that will bring you back to me. I'm the person you were, waiting

at the finish line."

And the tears felt like fat rain drops, one after another, rolling off of

my stoned features. Saying nothing on the outside I screamed for

the voice to come back from inside of my internal prison. But that

part of me was gone. Again.




The End

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