not too long ago

But she'd made the decision, and once made, you had to live with decisions. 

"I want to be seen."  she'd murmurred in response to her lover's query.  "I want everyone to see me."

She'd found him in the hotel bar.  He seemed a nice enough man--penny loafers, cotton-twill suit with well-established creases.  Fashionably-styled red-hair and a clean, honest face.  He was young, but not so young as to be inexperienced, and he stared at her like he'd never seen a woman before.  His cold blue eyes marked her the moment she'd opened the door and she knew--she knew--he would change her life.

She'd sidled up to him at the bar, asked the bartender for a whiskey, straight.  He offered to pay for it.

"You've been expecting me?"  She said, adding a layer of sultry amusement to her throaty voice.

"I--" he started, seemingly abashed,  "I'm Nick."

"Of course you are." Desiree said.

He said he was in accounting, but that he'd been a military leader, once.  It was a quaint lie.  Everyone had a fantasy life.  And if Desiree knew anything, she knew how to give men their fantasies. 

She surprised herself by admitting that she was once an actress. It was a tidbit of information she hadn't shared with any of her johns.  Few of them would ever have seen her anyway.  Most didn't watch the daytime soaps.

One drink led to another.  While she slowly took in her whiskey, Nick sucked back one beer after another.  When he finally worked up the courage to ask, she agreed.

Once behind the locked door, he'd been much less shy.  He was a virtual paragon in bed, and for the first time in months, she felt surrounded, encompassed--she felt warm.

In the afterglow, lying with Nick curled around her frail form, he'd told her he had the power to grant her anything she wanted.

"Anything?"  she asked with a throaty laugh.  "Can you give me fame and fortune?"

"That'd would be two things." Nick said--and there was a tone to his voice that made her go still.  This should have been the point where she charged him for her time, got up and left.

Instead, she said those fateful words.  "I want to be seen. I want everyone to see me."

"I can do that."  Nick said snuggling closer.  "But something that big, it carries a price."



The End

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