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Suicide is a growing epidemic! This needs to be stopped. Children, Teens, and Adults. Stop thinking this way. You must know that somehow things could get worse. You could survive this. I know i will never know how truly all of you feel. But i have been there too. I know it is hard. I know it sucks! But you have to push through! You need to know you can do it.

Nearly 30,000 Americans commit suicide each year.

Suicide is the third leading cause among young people age 15-24.

There are an estimated 8-25 attempts before one is actually fulfilled and completed.

An average of one person dies by suicide every 16.2 minutes.

These are just a few facts about suicide, if you truly look into the numbers will shock most of you. I beg you, if any of you know someone who HAS thought about it, or is possibly STILL thinking about it... Please, Please tell someone immediately. It is horrible to lose someone whom means alot to you. Do something before it is to late. Do NOT under ANY circumstances take this lightly. This is serious. And it needs to be dealt with accordingly. Don't let a friend, loved one, or even YOURSELF add to this growing problem. Get that person (including yourself) help immediately.

Please visit if you have any questions at all. Do Not Forget. Save a life, help someone in need. But, most importantly... if that someone is you. Do NOT deny it any longer, Stop right now. There are people who would be more then happy to help you. Please just do not contribute to these numbers.



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