Tracking Rain

Rain Summers goes on a trip to the south of france, during which, she has to choose between the boy she knows, and the boy who will give her the adventure of a lifetime. . .

Clutching my bag tightly, I peered under my eyelashes at the occupants of the train compartment around me. An old man, Italian perhaps, sat, asleep in the corner, leaning on the wall for support, his snores rattling louder than the train tracks beneath us. A middle aged American couple huddled in their seats across from me, obviously uncomfortable with all company including each other. Across the compartment from the old man, in a place by the window, was a young man in a dark coat and fedora. He also appeared to be asleep, but as I examined him, I saw his eyes were open, and directed at me. His gaze captivated me, dark and mysterious, I couldn't look away. We sat like that for some time, until a bell sounded and an announcement was made, first in French, then in English, that the next stop was coming up.

I stood and gathered my things, stumbling a little when the train stopped. I spun and bounced and avoided hitting almost everything, until I dizzily ran into a wall of black cloth. The boy in the dark coat flashed a bright grin at me, steady now, and embarrassed, then swept out of the compartment. I grabbed my suitcase and hurried to follow him.

"What is your name, Ma'm'sell" He asked as he opened the door for me. He spoke french more fluently than I could.

"Um, Rain." I said, quickly betraying my American-ness. "Rain Summers." He laughed.

"So natural." He said, in English this time. His accent was hard to place. "I'll see you around." He stepped almost gracefully off the train and onto the platform, a single small bag in his hand. More than a bit confused I jumped down more clumsily and before I could get my bearings, I was swept into a bear hug.

"Rain!" A voice yelled. "My beautiful summer Rain, I almost thought you'd missed the train!" I was set down and I finally looked up into the face of my boyfriend, Devin.

The End

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