Chapter 7Mature

Chapter 7


I wake up a few hours later, not sure where I am. Turning under a plush blanket that has mysteriously appeared over me, I sit up. Slowly, I remember that I'm in Andy's bed. I blush and remove myself, leaving his room.

Walking down the walnut stairs, I call for Andy, my voice cracking from deep sleep.

The words echo for a second before a reply, "Jaynie! I'm in the kitchen."

Knowing its location from the tour, I head that direction and find Andy eating a pop-tart. I giggle before sitting beside him. He picks the other piece up off the plate, handing it to me. The crumbly pastry almost hot to the touch. I take a bite and chew slowly, savoring the sweet strawberry taste.

Andy reaches up, a different shirt now covering his tattoos and toned chest, and brushes a hair from my eye.

I see his eyes drop to my mouth as he takes the pop-tart out of my hand, laying it on the table. Andy's mouth grazes across my lips before kissing my jaw. Planting small kisses up to my lips, he nips the bottom playfully.

I giggle and smile, he returns the smile before giving me back my pop-tart.

I take another bite.

"How'd you sleep?" he asks. "I should have remembered the jetlag.

I nod before swallowing, "Not bad, was slightly confused when I woke up but otherwise great."

There is a rubber sound in the hall as Marx walks in, holding a phone to his ear. He stops, surprise in his eyes. Blinking a few times, he remembers why he is there.

"Ay, Andy, it's Gabriel Hanover from Nevermore, he wants to know if they can sell our merch?"

Andy sighs, standing up and pushing in his chair with a metallic squeal. He takes the phone from Marx and leaves the room.

"Hey Marx." I whisper.

"What are you doing here? I wasn't expecting you for another two days." he asks.

I shrug, "Didn't have anything else planned so I came early."

Marx smiles, "Well let's get out of the kitchen, ok?"

I nod and stand up, leaving the room with him. I can hear Andy's voice echoing from a few rooms away.

"Oh, hey Marx, I need to use toilet. Be back in a minute," I state.

He nods and waves me up.

After using the facilities, I step out the door and almost smack straight into Marx. His eyes are on fire as he pushes me into the wall.

"I can smell him on you," he growls, biting slowly down my neck.

"W-who?" I stutter.

He raises his head and looks at me, "Andy." He says before flipping me over and crouching. He lifts the bottom of my shirt and I feel his tongue running slowly up my spine. I whimper as Marx tongue runs under the clasp of my bra. Then it's gone. He drops my shirt before smacking my butt. Flipping me back over, he smiles.

"I'll let you have your fun," he sneers before heading to his room, shutting the door. My heart races as I slouch down the wall. There is a loud screeching before a riff begins to play.

Taking deep breaths, I replay what just happened. Moreover that I liked it. My nerves are left humming. Almost knocking on his door, I hurry down the stairs and to the game room.

Still taken aback by the sheer amount of games, my eyes take a moment to scan. Finding what I want, I skip over, cracking my knuckles. Not surprisingly, there is no need to put in quarters and I start quickly, munching white dots. A warm hand touches my waist.

"I heard the game from the hall, it thought it might be you. Anyways, Dæmon and Jordy are coming over," his hip brushes mine and I flinch, sending myself in the path of an oncoming ghost. “So, I thought I should warn you. Dæmon's girlfriend may be along. She is...a bit of a bitch."

I laugh as I lose my last life and turn toward Andy.

"I think I can handle myself," I reply, prodding his stomach with my index finger. He chuckles, rubbing the spot lightly.

"I almost forgot! We left your bags in the hall. Let's take them up, shall we?" He suggests.

I nod, taking his elbow as we walk out of the room. Once in the hall, Andy picks up my suitcase and carry-on. I'm about to protests when he shushes me, heading up the stairs. Shaking my head, I follow, opening the door.

I blink for a few seconds as I stare at the pure white room, light streaming in from the balcony.

"Does it go all the way across the back?" I ask as Andy lays my bag on the bad.

"Yeah, it's kinda nice. Well, except when my parents stay, then it's quite awkward."

I giggle at his response.

Just then, there is a loud thumping from the outer door. I peek my head out of the room, just in time to see a spectacle. In strolls Jordy, hands dramatically flinging out both doors.

"Andy!" He shouts, twirling. Looking over at the names owner, Andy rolls his eyes, heading out.

Looking back, Jordy cups his hands to his mouth, "Andy! Where are you, you little prick?"

"I'm right here you daft bastard. Stop shouting!" Andy replies. "Where's Dæmon?"

As if conjured up, Dæmon steps through the door, blowing out a puff of smoke. He then proceeds to put his cigarette out on the door jam.

Andy huffs, "How many times do I have to tell you not to do that?"

"As many times as he does it," replies a sickly smooth voice from behind Dæmon. The girl that steps around him isn't what I expect.

First thing I see it the mental ring going through her septum, then the large compass tattoo on her thigh, half covered by high wasted, cropped shorts. She looks up at me.

"I see you have a guest, Andy?"

Everyone looks up at my spot at the top of the stairs. Andy waves me down. Coughing as I reach the bottom, he introduces me.

"Everyone, this is Jaynie."

"Oy, I remember you from one of our shows in the states! Nearly passed out, you did." Chimes in Jordy.

I blush, looking at my shoes.

"Be nice, Jordy," Andy admonishes. "Anyways, Mel, she'll be staying here for a few weeks. I hope that you will help her."

She smiles sweetly, "Of course dear."

I hear the door behind me close as Marx comes down the steps.

"Hey," is all he says, leaning against the thick railing.

"Oy, so are we going to play or what," Jordy impatiently questions.

"Yeah. Marx you coming?" Andy asks.

Marx shakes his head, his eyes running up my body. Shivering slightly, I watch the guys leave, hearing the back door shut.

Turning towards Mel, I clear my throat.

"Where are they going?" I ask.

"Rugby night. What did Andy say your name was? Judy?"

"Jaynie," I correct.

"Right, well I'm going to the pool. Latters.

Turning, she walks away, leaving me alone with Marx.

He struts up, hands gripping my waist.

"And now we are alone, JayJay," he whispers.

The End

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