Chapter 5Mature

One month later

"Jaynie! Still not coming?" my sister asks, throwing a glittery purse over her shoulder.

Nodding, I push her toward the door, activated how slow she is moving. Liv sighs, shutting the door. Running to my room, my aloe infused socks slip on the floor. I land on my bed as Skype starts to ring, answering quickly. Andy waves at me, smiling broadly.

"Hey Jaynie, is your sister gone?" he asks.

I nod and grab the letter he sent, shaking with excitement. He sits back, arms behind his head grinning like an idiot, while I rip it open. There's a card inside which I take out. It's quite adorable, a little kitten embossed on the front with "I miss you". I "aww" at Andy, who blushes a little. When I open the card, a plane ticket falls out. The handwriting inside saying, "You should come see me."

"I'd hug you if there wasn't a screen in the way." I squeal loudly, clutching the ticket to my chest.

He laughs, almond eyes crinkling, "That's the problem here. So will you come? Please? You can even stay in one of the spare rooms."

I shake my head, "Andy, you don't have to convince me to come. I'm definitely coming."

He smiles and punches the air.

"When do you want me to come?" I ask.

He immediately replies, "As soon as possible."

I laugh and leap off the bed, turning the laptop toward my closet. Pulling out my hot pink, patch covered suitcase, I begin grabbing random clothes and dropping them inside. I grab my brush and makeup off my vanity, dumping them on the top.

I smile at the camera before running to get my toothbrush from the bathroom.

In the end, I have to sit on my bag to zip it. Andy laughs, his chair almost falling backwards.

"Ok, done. Now to call my sister." I say.

He nods, waiting.

I pull out my phone and dial her number. She answered a few rings later.

"Hey, change your mind?" she asks.

"No, just wanted to let you know I'm going away for a few days," I say. "Where's the money stash?"

I shift my weight and roll my eyes at the screen as she rambles on about me not conning with her before telling me where the money is.

"I'll be back next week, okay?"

"Ok." She hangs up.

I sigh and drop my phone beside my bag.

"Be right back," I say. From the hall closet, I pull out two hundred dollars and shove it in my pocket.

Walking back, I sit on my bed.

"Well I'm ready. See you in a few hours?" I ask.

Andy nods again and waves before hanging up. I open my cab app and wait patiently to be picked up. It arrives in a few minutes, taking me to the airport.

After spending an hour searching for my terminal, I check my bags and wait for my flight to be called. I roam around for a while, having coffee, and going to the gift shop. Perusing the magazines, I see Insanity's High on the cover of one. Taking it to the register, I pay a ridiculous amount for the small thing. After leaving the shop, i go to the waiting area, snuggling in the chair to read. I flip through to the section where IH is mentioned and realize it's an interview transcript. Each page is dedicated to each of the boys and some of their interests.

I was surprised to read that Dæmon had been the original band leader but had stepped down soon realizing that the twins were better suited to lead. 

While continuing to read, I text Marx.

To: Marx 

Do you still want me to come on Monday?

A page later my phone vibrates.



I laugh and continue texting him until my flight is called over the intercom. Taking my carry-on, I head to the ramp. A red haired attendant greets me, her large breasts and curls bouncing as she takes my ticket. Her name plate reading, "Jill Rodes".

I turn towards coach when I hear her speak, "Dear, your ticket is for first class... which is this way."

My shock must have been blatantly obvious because she takes my arm, leading me to the white chaired room.

"Would you like something to drink?" She politely asks.

I shake my head no, still in shock. Jill smiles before taking my bag and putting it in the compartment above my head. Adjusting her skirt, she leaves.

Turning off my phone, I sigh, hoping to get some sleep. Just as my eyes close, I hear a laugh as a family walks in, taking seats a few rows up. A small girl around two is happily babbling about her doll her father, pulling on his lapels. He whispers something to her and her face lights up in awe, staring at her doll. She looks over at her mother excitedly repeating what he said, pointing to her doll. The mother laughs, running her hand over the girls head.

As I look at them, my mood drops drastically. I wipe my eye, turning my head.


I wake up to a hand on my shoulder.

"Dear," says Jill." The plane's landed."

"Thanks," I reply, rubbing my eyes.

Jill then helps me with my bag before leading me off the plane.

After twenty minutes of standing and searching for my bag, I see it, grab it, and leave.

Going outside, I'm surprised how warm it is. Shrugging off my jacket, I catch a cab and head to the address on the letter.

My pulse rises as we pull up to the wrought iron gate. Security buzzes me in and I'm dropped off, struggling to get my bag out of the trunk.

A few deep breaths and I stroll up the brick path, the wheels on my bag clicking.

The End

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